Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Can you think of anything worse?"- Charlotte, "Stone washed jeans and a matching jacket!" - Anthony, Sex and the City

At the airport last week I saw a mess...and I can't even classify it as a hot mess, but more like a disaster of a mess. When boarding my plane I saw a woman wearing a long, flared jean skirt, a jean vest (both stonewashed) and a frilly white button down underneath the vest. I was unable to look at the shoes...which is probably in my best interest. I wasn't sure whether to feel bad for Ms Dolly Parton wannabe or to run up to her and shake some sense into her. To avoid being tackled by airport security, I decided to feel sorry for her. She took the term "Canadian Tuxedo" to a "Canadian Gown," since she had on a skirt. Do they even still make long jean skirts?

So on my way home from San Diego I was reading a magazine and it says that jean on jean is acceptable...yeah, maybe for models on the runway, but in the real world, I don't think it's ok. There is a time an a place for jean on jean and that is at the Dixie Stampede or at the County Fair...NOT for going out to a fabulous party or to board a plane!

I own a great jean jacket from J. Crew, but there is the right time to wear it- like with a floral or linen skirt or dress. You can also pair the jean jacket with a sequins mini and it would look fab! Just use a feminine piece to pair the jacket with- the contrast of the feminine and denim is fierce. Take Rachel Bilson for example below. Since it's winter, add tights and your golden!

A few tips for jean jackets:
1. I personally prefer darker denim, but if wearing it with linen or floral you can use a lighter denim as well.
2. Make sure it's FITTED. There is nothing worse than a boxy jean jacket. NO NO NO. It MUST be fitted.
3. Look at places like J. Crew, GAP, Banana Republic who specialize in items like this. Usually their styles are timeless. My J. Crew jacket is from 2002- I guess I can call it vintage now ;)
4. NO cropped jean jackets. You want it to be snug and hit right at your waist.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where the Water Runs DRY

So much for having a smart phone....I tried to blog while I was on my work trip to San Diego, I really did, but trying to blog on my phone was a little aggravating- first I couldn't edit something without deleting everything since the cursor was non existent and second, I couldn't spell check...and I NEED spell check. Hello, I use Microsoft Outlook like everyday and it corrects words FOR you. Needless to say, I NEED spell check in my life.

So I've decided I LOVE LA, but don't like San Diego...well, maybe not all of San Diego since I haven't been to the good spots- like Imperial Beach and La Jolla, but I must say the Gaslamp Quarter is like a higher quality Bourbon Street....which isn't saying much. Not to mention it rained the whole time, it and was cold AND the water in my hotel room made my hair dry and made my face break out. I CAN'T handle that. I was ready to leave after one night.

Since I couldn't up and leave because the water was making my hair dry and my skin break out (I work will all men- they just wouldn't understand) I had to deal with it and decided as soon as I got home I was going to buy a new face mask to fix my poor skin that was hating me. That and a new hair conditioner since a bird decided to poo in my front of all my coworkers and foreign VIPs....INSIDE a restaurant. Needless to say I was mortified. And then I got lectured later by my boss about being "too dramatic" about a bird taking a dump on my head. And I even toned down the "drama." Trust me, with how dramatic I could have been A LOT worse. And I wish I could say "Hey, now I have a beauty cure for if a bird thinks your hair is a toilet," but I don't....other than to go home immediately and wash your hair....thrice (Yes, Tabby- that was just for you).

So anyways, yesterday I went to Sephora to find a new face mask. I have had my eye on the Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask by Bliss ($52) so I decided to buy it....along with some new makeup primer (Make Up For Ever in 1), nail polish and hand cream. When I got home and washed my face to put on the mask, I was expecting something totally different than what it was. It pumps out and is a very light peach color, you rub it onto your face and it starts to foam so it looks like you have bubble bath all over your face. It gives a tingling/popping sensation which I couldn't decide whether I liked or not (I decided after I washed my face I liked it). You leave the mask on for 5 minutes until the foam dissolves into your face and then you rinse it off. It's AMAZING. I swear. I did a mini dance in my bathroom with how awesome my skin looked after I rinsed it off. And today, my skin is glowing and I have no more red bumps from the nasty San Diego water. Seriously. BUY THIS. And it would make a great Christmas gift for all you last minute shoppers (I'm not judging...I STILL have gifts to buy).

This mask has not only won my admiration, but it won InStyle's Best Beauty Buys for 2009 and 2010....and I ALWAYS listen to InStyle...except when they said jean on jean was back in style. But, I'll save the thought and rave about that in tomorrow's blog.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"When in doubt, wear red." -Bill Blass

This weekend will be filled with Holiday parties- work, friends, family, neighbors- and every year there always seems to be that unfortunate person who either over- dresses, under-dresses, or worse...wears something that they think is appropriate, but definitely isn't (ahem, tacky sweaters for one...). Read and heed the below....these are just my thoughts, but I'd listen to me if I were you. I'd hate to say "I told you so!"

The DONT'S of Holiday Parties:
1. Know your audience. If you are going to a work, family, or boyfriend's family holiday party, you MUST look classy. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT think dressing like a hoochie mama will be in your best interest. You want something classic and something that doesn't scream "Look at me!"- it's not the place or the time for the mini dress that you can barely breathe or sit in. Anything with a short hemline, low-cut chest, or is back-less is off limits. Save that for New Years Eve.

2. DO NOT wear a casual jacket with party attire. I cannot STAND this look. How terrible is it getting all dressing up in a fabulous sequins dress and then throwing on a North Face fleece as the jacket? Never do this- no one can pull off this look. If you are dressing up, wear a nice jacket, shawl or cape.

3. Remember why "Tacky Sweater Parties" exist...because they are a JOKE. Unless you are a 3rd grade teacher, circa 1995, holiday sweaters are a NO-NO. I even avoid tacky sweater parties so I don't have to be seen in public with one. Ouch, what an eye sore.

4. Holiday accessories- Santa hats, Reindeer antlers, jingle bell necklaces. All a NO. You don't want to look like you are working at the local mall as Santa or one of his elves. This look cannot be pulled off....unless you are under then age of 10.

5. Season appropriate shoes. It is DECEMBER. When I think of December I think of snow, cold, fireplaces and hot chocolate. No where in my thoughts are flip-flops, open toed shoes/sandals with tights (barf!), white shoes (unless they are winter white), or wedges with cork bottoms- I could go on and on about this. Point is, unless you live somewhere along the Tropic of Cancer, summer shoes are out of the question. A pair of classic black, red or metallic pumps are perfect. Another option is booties- I have been living in a black suede pair I bought about a month ago. They are very in style and chic. If you do plan to wear open toed shoes...make sure your toenails are maintained and nicely painted, we all know winter is not the typical time for pedicures, and no one wants to see nasty feet before they eat!

The DO'S of Holiday Parties:
1. Color and Metallics. Like Bill Blass says, when in doubt wear red. Red, Gold, or Silver can make a gorgeous holiday dress that is not the typical black. I LOVE sequins too. INC at Macy's has some great silver and gold sequins dresses for under $100.00!! Just don't over-do it on the sequins and look like a wannabe Vegas show girl. If you decide on a sequins dress, keep your shoes, accessories and clutch very simple (and NOT sequins) since the dress is the main attraction.

2. Accessories. If you decide to recycle a dress or wear something black, spice it up with a big necklace, bangles, shiny, dangle earrings, or a big cocktail ring. This is the season of SPARKLE- so wear some! Just be smart about it- if you wear a statement necklace, wear small earrings. No reason to blind everyone with TOO much sparkle! Aldo Accessories are some of my fav!

3. Mix and match. If you do find the perfect red dress, don't go out and buy red shoes and a red clutch. Mix it with some metallic pumps and a fun studded or print clutch. Again, Aldo has some great shoes and clutches. Nine West is another great option.

4. Fur (and before PETA comes after me w/a burning torch- no, it doesn't have to be real). When else can you get away with wearing fur? Find a fur stole, scarf or gloves with fur at the cuffs to dress up your holiday attire! I've seen some really pretty ones at J. Crew and Ann Taylor.

5. Makeup and nails! Try a smokey eye, gold eye shadow or red lips. If you go with smokey eyes, wear a light gloss or nude shade on your lips. Stila has a Smokey Eye Palette that's fab ($40 at Sephora or Ulta). If you decide to be bold and wear red lipstick, keep the eyes very simple- you do not want to look like a clown. A thin line of eyeliner and some mascara is all you'll need for that look. Also, have a fresh coat of nail polish on...chips are best to be left for dip on the appetizer table.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"All I want for Christmas is YOU." -Mariah Carey's infamous Christmas song...that's played 23897394874578 times between Black Friday and Christmas Day

So it's been awhile since I've blogged. I know, it's terrible, really. But I'll tell you whats even more terrible is that I have been dying to blog and my crazy schedule with work has left me not much personal time, except to sleep...when I can!

I've decided to branch out and start talking about every day things too- however beauty/makeup will still be the MAIN topic, as it is my LIFE. I got the idea for today's blog when a boy that I'm seeing said something about giving me a watch for Christmas. I replied with "NO NO NO! Giving watches as gifts are VERY bad luck!" It is- maybe it's because I'm so superstitious, but it made me think of other gifts that are bad luck to give. With Christmas right around the corner, whens a better time to share my insight on gift-giving....

Bad luck gifts:
1. Watches. I know, I know, one would think watches can make great gifts, but giving a watch can be considered very bad luck. It symbolizes time running out- so it puts a time on your relationship with the person you give it to. My Aunt never gives watches for this reason.

2. Knives- or any other pointy, dangerous object. These symbolize the severing of a relationship. Not to mention, they are safety hazards!

3. Handkerchief. What do you do with a handkerchief? DRY your tears, WIPE your nose, or clean SWEAT from your face. Do any of those sound appealing? NO.

4. Empty wallet or purse. You can give a wallet/purse- in fact, those are my favorite gifts to receive! But, if you give this as a gift, you MUST put at least a dollar in it. Giving a wallet/purse with money in it is granting them wealth. Without money in it is granting them nothing but being broke. Yikes!

5. RE-GIFTING. Unless you are involved in some kind of joke White Elephant gift exchange, DO NOT re-gift. Could you imagine how embarrassed you'd be if the person found out you were too cheap to buy them a gift? Save your embarrassment. There's a story that I always think of when I think of re-gifting. My great-grandma once re-gifted a present, and on the bag it STILL had the "TO:/FROM:" on it, obviously to her. Now how do you play off that one?? Needless to say, none of the women in my family re-gift!

GREAT Gifts:
1. Any Apple product- iPod, iPad, iPhone, iTunes gift cards, etc. Let's face it, Apple products are top of the line and make great gifts. You can find something for your 10 year old nephew/niece to your Dad in this store.

2. Gift Cards- obviously my fav gift card to receive is from SEPHORA, but not everyone spends a small fortune a month there either, so- if you are lost on what to buy for someone, go the gift card route. You can never go wrong with these. Find out their favorite store, restaurant, movie theatre, Spa- and buy a gift card so you know they will truly like the gift.

3. A gift for something going on in your city- like a food/wine tour, cooking class, dance lessons, photography tour, art class, etc. If you are in the DC area, this is a great link for some pretty awesome ideas and has affordable prices:

4. A cook book. I know, maybe it seems a little lame- but even people like me who barely cook/bake can use a cook book. Or if you have a friend/relative that likes to cook, buy them one in a specialized topic- like Mediterranean, Grilling or Baking. Or, if YOU love to cook/grill/bake- buy a few journals w/spirals or insertable (is that a word?) pages and print off some of your favorite recipes and put them in the first few pages. This way, they can start to keep track of their favorites, as well as have some new ones from you! Write a personalized note on the inside of the journal/booklet to tie the gift together. Sometimes personalized gifts are the best ones to give.

5. A magazine subscription. For those who are into fashion and beauty, get them a subscription to InStyle (my fav), Vogue, Glamour, or Cosmopolitan. For those who love to travel, Travel & Leisure; Time Magazine for those who like to stay up on current events and politics; and National Geographic for those interested in global issues, photography and the earth! And it's the gift that keeps on giving- they'll get it the entire year!

Random Tip: with the Holidays around the corner, this is the time for stress, emotional breakdowns, family drama, fights in the mall parking lots/toy stores and headaches from too much egg nog the morning after. But it is also the time of giving, love, joy, peace and to be thankful for what we have. Try to remember this all the time, and end each negative with something positive, like I did with the gifts above- I listed the bad luck gifts first and the GREAT gifts last. This way, the thought or conversation is always left on a positive note.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Guess who's back? Back Again. DANI'S back. Tell a friend." -Eminem lyrics I obviously changed a little.

Ok, LADIES. Martini's and Makeup is back. After a little over 3 months of hiatius due to a bad breakup and a new, challenging job that was kicking my butt, I am BACK with avengance. I must admit I lost some inspiration during this time from a whole melting pot of emotions, but after a trip to NYC and seeing the studded shoes I have pictured to the right in person at the Christian Loubotin store in the MeatPacking District, I have again been inspired. Yes, a pair of fabulous $2,800.00 shoes INSPIRED me. Don't judge me.

The other day I went to Sephora (shocker, right?) to buy a new nail polish for the fall since I absolutely adore the OPI for Sephora nail polishes. Yes, the last "beauty obsession" I had in my previous blog is still current ;). I bought a deep purple since those are what are popular for the fall, got home, painted my nails, let them dry and went to bed. When I woke up the next morning, I turned my light on in the bathroom and almost screamed at how horrible the color looked on me (I'm not saying purples look bad on everyone, but it certainly doesn't look good on me!). Since I was already running late for work, I had no time to take off the polish and repaint them so I had to deal with looking at this hideous mess all day. Not to mention I didn't let them fully dry before going to bed so they did not dry with a nice shine.

After work, the gym and a catch up sesh with one of my BFF's, I HAD to repaint my nails. I reached for nail polish remover and cotton balls to realize I had run out of them! In an act of desperation I tore apart my cabinets trying to find a cotton ball substitute and almost resorted to using toliet paper, when I found some first aid gauze pads. Well, they definitely work and work well for that matter. After I removed the purple with the gauze pads and painted on a deep red (I need to stick with reds) I wanted to make sure they were fully dry before jumping into bed. Since I had run out of my quick-dry nail coat, I turned on my hair drier, set it on cool air and sat pointing the drier at my nails for 5 minutes until they were dry. I got the idea from a magazine but had yet to try it. So, morale of this beauty story- when you run out of cotton balls, you can use gauze pads and when you need to make sure your nails are dry, use your hair drier!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Definition of Makeup: Something that causes an Obsession.

I have decided that just like I get obsessed with a song for a few weeks (currently OMG by Usher feat Will.I.Am), it happens with makeup too. Sometimes I'll try something and use it over and over until I decide I want a different look - or I'll go back to using a product I really liked at one time.

I will start taking note of when I change my "obsession" products and update you all on them- because I can promise you I wouldn't be obsessed with a bad quality makeup product ;)

Current Obsession 1: Sephora by OPI nail polish. I think it stays on better than the regular OPI ones- I'm serious, when I paint them with this polish it stays on for almost a full week without chipping. You just need to be sure to put on a base/top coat to help its longevity. I'm obsessed with "Lost without my GPS," but they also have some really hot summer colors too! Find at Sephora for $9.

Current Obsession 2: Sephora Collection Nano Lip Liner. It comes in 20 different shades, so there is a great range of colors for all skin tones. I have 5 various colors that I wear, depending on where I'm going (work, errands, DANCING, etc) and I layer it with a gloss. I use MAC Nymphette lip glass most of the time and it goes perfectly with all the nano lip liner shades I have, giving them each a different look. What I have found with lip liners, is you don't have to always match it exactly to a gloss color, because sometimes blending the color of your favorite gloss and a lip liner can create a pretty new color. And at $5 a pop, why NOT buy a few???


Monday, June 7, 2010

"Now I'm wishing that I didn't wear these shoes." -Fergie

The other night I went out for a girls night- which means one thing: LOTS of dancing. Half way through the night my feet were killing me- so yesterday morning when I woke up with swollen feet, it triggered me to think of sharing the cream I use to cure my tired feet!

For work I am on my feet a lot, so I have gotten use to wearing flats or low heels, but no matter what, after 12 hours on your feet, they HURT. My aunt bought me a cream from Aveda called Foot Relief ($19 at Aveda Stores), because she said it was great for tired feet. Well, it IS great for tired feet! It starts to work almost instantly. Rub on tired feet and put a pillow under them and relax. I use it almost every night- it feels good even if they aren't hurting.

Another good thing to do is to soak your feet in warm water with some Epsom salts. If your feet are swollen, this works best for them.

Happy Dancing ;)


Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Are you looking at my stye??" -Sex and the City, Season 6 Part 1

The joys of makeup can sometimes bring the unwanted joys of styes. A stye is an infection on your eye that looks like a pimple and is usually on the base of your eyelashes. They can be caused from old eye makeup that has bacteria in it, by stress or sleep deprivation and not washing your hands.

Styes can burn/itch and are a pain in the royal butt because you can't wear eye makeup and have to throw away all the makeup you've used recently since it was what probably had the bacteria on it. A ROYAL pain since I spend a lot of money on my makeup!!!!

Because I loathe styes, I try to avoid them at all costs, to save me some costs on replacement makeup! Always keep on top of your makeup and know when it needs to be thrown out. Mascara has a life of about 4-5 months, tops. If you can't remember when you bought it and it has a weird smell, throw it out. Mascara will start to clump or have a weird smell when it's old. Eyeliners and eyeshadows are good for about 8-12 months.

If you do get a stye, do not wear any eye makeup until it is fully gone. The best way to treat it is to buy Stye Eye Ointment- you can find it in any drugstore near the eye drops for around $10. To help with the itching, put a clean wash cloth in warm water and apply it on your eye as a compress. If your stye lasts longer than a week, you should probably go see a doctor.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Wax On, Wax Off" -The Karate Kid

This morning I looked in the mirror after I got out of the shower and my jaw dropped. I don't know HOW I didn't notice this before, but my eyebrows were out of control a la Frida Kahlo. Some of you may remember me talking about this before, but I feel like they seriously grew out over night because I JUST plucked them.

Well, it was all I could think about all day. I was tempted to drive straight to the mall to get them threaded after work, but my best friend asked me why I didn't wax them at home. "Are you crazy?" I thought, I can barely stand the pain it causes, much less cause the pain on my poor brows myself.

She explained to me that she uses the Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit For Face Brows & Bikini and they are very easy to use and do not hurt that bad. When she said they only cost $6 for an entire box, I was sold and I made her go to Target with me to pick out the kit. That's like 1/2 the cost of ONE waxing/threading at the mall, or 1/3 the cost if you get them done in a nice salon!

I have to say I was a little intimidated once I got home and took everything out and read the directions, so since I was nervous I walked away from it for a little while and then came back to it later. When I tried the first pull, it was MUCH less painful than waxing and I thought "that's it????"

I HIGHLY recommend this product. It seriously worked- my eyebrows look as if I had them professionally waxed. You may need to cut the strips with scissors to shape them a little because they are in big squares, so if your not careful they can pull hairs from your brow line you don't want removed. Yes, it happened to me on the first try.

I bought the kit at Target and it was $6.00, but you can find them in any drugstore too.

My tips when using this are to:
1. Wash your eye makeup off and make sure your eye area is completely dry.
2. Shape your eyebrow and decide what hair needs to go.
3. Cut the wax/gel strips while they are stuck together, otherwise the scissors will stick to the wax.
4. Warm the wax in your hands while the strips are still together, after you cut it.
5. Pull apart the strips and apply to the area of your eye you want to wax.
6. Pull the strip off as fast as your can, in the opposite direct of the hair growth. If you don't pull it with force, the hair won't come off.
7. Repeat as needed and clean up the stray hairs you couldn't get with with tweezers.
8. Apply the finishing oil that is provided in the box to get any excess wax off.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Carried Away" with Kajal

I'm hoping that some of you are as obsessed with Sex and the City as I am! It hadn't even been out for 24 hours and I saw it TWICE last week.

I don't want to get too in-depth for those of you who have not seen it, but while in Abu Dhabi, Carrie buys a "kajal" eyeliner. Kajal (or kohl) has been used by women in Egypt and India for years as a eyeliner. They even make it themselves! It is a very intense black color that is great for making a smokey eye and amazing for lining the inner rim of your eyes so you can get Carrie's seductive look.

I previously wrote a blog about Guerlain's Terracotta Khol Kajal Intense Indian Kohl, but there are a few others that you can use also.

Givenchy Magic Kajal Eye Pencil 1 Magic Black ($21 at Sephora). This is cheaper than the Guerlain Kajal and a little more user friendly since it is a pencil. Just be careful you don't overdo it- a little bit goes a long way. To get a smokey eye, line the lid twice and then using your finger, blend the line upwards to the crease of your eye.

Guerlain Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl Liner ($33 at Sephora). Since this is a powder liner, it is a little tricky to use, but if you have a steady hand- go for it!

Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil 061 Jet Black ($3.99 at drugstores). I have not tried this yet, but it is a cheaper alternative for those of you who do not want to spend the extra $$!!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh Baby, Baby!

One day last week I decided my next blog would be about one of the simplest, cheapest items you can find ANYWHERE that can be used for numerous things. What is it? Baby Powder.

It started when I couldn't wash my hair last week for 4 horrible days so baby powder became my best friend (other than headbands) since it helps to take the oil out of your hair if you don't have time to wash it. After I sprinkled it in my hair, I sprinkled some in my flats so that they wouldn't stick to my feet or make them sweat. Baby powder is a fantastic product that can help not only your beauty regimine, but even your bed! Read on:

10 Uses of Baby Powder:
1. To give day old hair a lift, sprinkle it into your roots. It will dry up some of the oil and even add a little bit of body back into your hair.

2. If you have a pair of shoes you love, but they stick to your feet or make your feet sweat (gross), sprinkle some baby powder into them. Problem solved! I use baby powder in flats and even in a pair of my work shoes to avoid making them sweat.

3. Sprinkle baby powder on your inner thighs to avoid chafing when it's super hot outside.

4. My aunt found this trick awhile ago- if you are going for a french manicure look on your nails, rubbing baby powder under your nails will make them white. This way you only need to apply a clear coat to your nail to get the look! Painting white tips on your own nails is very difficult and doesn't last too long.

5. If you are getting your eyebrows waxed, but have VERY sensitive skin (like me) and want to "punch the wax lady in the face," after getting your eyebrows waxed (like one of my coworkers says), have them rub baby powder on the skin around your eyebrow that's getting waxed. It will help ease the pain. I learned this from a lady at my hair salon. She used this trick on me and it worked!

6. Use baby powder as deodeorant if you have run out of it and don't have time to run to the closest drugstore before you need to be somewhere.

7. Sprinkle some baby powder on a knot in a necklace to help untangle it. Rub a nickel over the knot to help it work itself out. This trick works every time- even if you don't have baby powder.

8. If it is a really hot night, spread baby powder in between your sheets to avoid waking up sticky and sweaty in your sheets- it absorbs perspiration.

9. Get grease stains out of clothing by pouring baby powder on the stain, rub in and shake excess powder off. Repeat until the stain is gone.

10. Shake off excess sand from the beach by sprinkling baby powder over sand covered legs/feet. Let the powder sit and then brush the sand off.

If any of you ladies have additional uses for baby powder, please leave comments!!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Makeup Show feedback

This past Sunday I spent the day in NYC at The Makeup Show! It was FABULOUS and I saw some really cool new products and have decided my next makeup purchase will be a Airbrush Kit (YES!).

There were SO many makeup vendors and it was so packed that it was like a makeup overload and I found myself with a huge bag full of makeup and brochures before I could even say the word "makeup."

In addition to buying a TON of professional makeup you can't get many places, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Dany Sanz, creator of the Make Up For Ever line that I absolutely ADORE! She is a TRUE makeup icon- what an honor it was to meet her!!!

One thing that really stood out to me was a vendor named "Paperself Eyelashes," that sells unique false eyelahes that have the design of a horse, peach bloosm and peonies on them. I did not buy any, but I wish I had now. I know, you are wondering where you'd wear them, but if anything just go on the website to admire the design and they could be worn for a fun night out, if you dare ;) Each design has a different meaning, too.

Some other hot items I saw was some of Make Up For Ever's new products. They have a new AQUA CREAM which is a waterproof cream color that can be worn on your eyes, lips and cheeks. The colors are amazing and they really go on your skin looking as they do in their containers. The other biggie was their High Definition Blush- which is a liquid blush you apply to your cheeks and it looks gorgeous on. It is a more subtle look and looks more natural than powder blushes. You can find Make Up For Ever at any Sephora or online.


"How can I control my life when I can't control my hair?" -Author Unknown

That's a GREAT question that I'm currently wondering myself. Seriously, I am getting my hair done on Thursday evening and since instead of highlights I'm doing an all over dye job (yes, my obsession w/my hair has gotten this far that I'm stepping it up a notch), my dear hair dresser has told me I cannot wash my hair for 4-5 days before going in there. Say WHAT?

Yes, ladies...a whole 4 days with unwashed hair. I'm only on day 2 and I'm a mess. You have no idea how badly I cringe when I look at my greasy roots in the mirror, so I have decided to avoid them all together if I can. It's so bad that I skipped out on a happy hour this evening because of my awful looking mess that I call my hair.

All this "creative" thinking on what to do to my hair to NOT make it look like a bag lady (who just took off her beanie for the first time in 2 weeks) made me think to blog about this for any ladies who may go through the same thing....or maybe just an idea in case you oversleep for work one morning and don't have time to shower.

To take the greasy look out of your hair, use a dry shampoo or rub baby powder into your roots. You hair will smell like baby powder all day (or for 4 days in my case), but it can hold you over if you are in a bind. It will also bring some body back into your hair if it went flat.

If you have curly hair, you are blessed. Wear it curly and throw on a headband to smooth down any fly-aways near your face. If you have stick straight hair like me, wear a headband to hide the greasy roots and tease your hair up around the headband. If you buy the headbands that are elastic all around, these work well because they make a small bump in your hair since they fit tighter around your head. If you have really thick hair, you can probably get away with straightening it to fix any kinks and wearing it down.

If your hair is just not looking good- wear it in a low bun or ponytail with a headband. Thankfully this is a look a lot of women are doing now, so it is stylish. In fact, I think this is how I will wear mine tomorrow.

Find headbands at places like: J. Crew, Forever 21, H&M, Express and Anthropologie.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Makeup Show: NYC

Ladies, I will be NYC bound tomorrow to attend The Makeup Show! I hope to come back with some new ideas and new makeup tips to share with each one of you!

In the meantime, I'll leave you with a tip on applying foundation/concealer to large pores. If you are blessed with small pores, be VERY happy. I have large pores and I try my hardest to hide them...ugh.

When applying concealer or foundation to an area of your face that has large pores, it's best to apply it with your fingertip over a brush. The brush may make it go on heavier which can clog them. Also I have found when you apply it with your finger, it covers more of the pore than when you do so with a brush.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Intense" Inner Rim

Last Friday I was at Sephora getting some last minute makeup for the wedding I was doing makeup for on Saturday and I started up a conversation with a Sephora regional rep about some mascara.

When he saw how into mascara and eye liner I was, he showed me this eye liner by Guerlain that is GREAT for lining the inner rim of your eye. It's called Terracotta Khôl Kajal Intense Indian Kohl ($35). One of the ladies who worked at Sephora tried it on and I was hooked. It lines the rim perfectly, unlike some regular pencil eye liners.

Here's the thing: it's Limited Edition and exclusive to Sephora. There were only 2 left in the store when I bought mine. So, if you are a eye liner junkie, you NEED this product and can get it online at Sephora. It can also be used as regular eye liner, espically to create a smoky look. I recommend it for the bottom lash line inner rim.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Look good on the go!

So you are at work and you get invited to a last minute Happy Hour. You slightly panic, because you have no time to go home and you NEED to do a refresh of the makeup you applied 8+ hours ago.

It has happened to me before, and me being so vain, I have actually turned down invites to HH simply because I didn't have time to go home to fix my "work" face. I know, pathetic...but hey, when makeup is your obsession, your plans revolve around it.

The key to this problem is to carry a small cosmetic case in your purse so you are ready for anything at anytime. You don't need a lot- in fact you can either move your lotions to smaller containers or buy your products travel-sized.

Here are the key items I carry in my purse:

1. Hand lotion- this can be used not only for moisturizing your hands, but for your legs or arms if you forgot to lotion up in the morning and found a dry patch OR if in a bind, you can put on your face to sooth dry skin. It can also be used on your hair to tame fly aways. Rub a small dot between your hands and apply. You do NOT need a lot if putting into your hair. Too much will look greasy.

2. Lip Balm- this is good to keep your lips moisturized throughout the day- espically after you eat. No one wants to go out w/chapped dry lips...and they don't look good either!

3. Eye Liner- to reapply or fix any smudges you may have gotten throughout the day. The clean line will make your eyes look fresh.

4. Mascara- I carry the travel-sized Fresh Supernova (buy at Sephora for $10 for two) to reapply a coat before going out. After the eye liner fix, you'll need to fix mascara too.

5. Lip liner*- to add color to your lips. You can add shine over it with the lip balm.

6. Blush*- to bring out some color on your face.

7. Matte Powder- to take away any shine that has appeared throughout the day.

8. Perfume- carry a travel-sized bottle and spray a little to refresh the scent you applied that morning.

*You can buy an all-in-one color stick to save space and not carry as many products to use on your eyes, cheeks and lips. Nars The Multiple in Orgasm is great. Find at Sephora for $38.


Monday, May 3, 2010

"He knows just how I like my martini - full of alcohol." -Homer Simpson

It has happened to all of us...the dreaded hangover after too many martini's. Not only do hangover's leave you feeling miserable, but they leave you looking a hot mess too. In attempts to pull my life together after having drank one too many sour apple martini's one night, I have found a few things to do to help make you feel like you look somewhat better.....although the only cure to a hangover is to lay in a dark room and sleep all day.

First things first- drink water when you go out on the town. When you alternate having water in between drinks, it helps you to stay somewhat hydrated which will help you the next morning.

When I wake up feeling less than perfect- these are the tools and tricks I use to put me back on my feet and look like a normal human being.

1- Take a COLD shower. It wakes you up. The heat from hot water will just make you feel more fatigued.

2- Brush your teeth and rinse with mouth wash- as many times as you need to before your mouth doesn't taste like stale alcohol (gross!).

3- MOISTURIZE! Load up on the moisturizer. Being hungover leaves your skin (well at least my skin) completely dry and looking pale. Try to use tinted moisturizer to add a healthy glow to your dull looking skin.

4- USE CONCEALER! Apply to take away under eye bags.

5- Apply mascara to wake your eyes up.

6- Put on some blush and bronzer for more color.

7- Cure your chapped lips by putting on a good chap stick- like DCT or Blistex.

8- Throughout the day, spray your face with Evian Facial Spray- it's very refreshing and great for dry skin. You can buy a 2-pack of Evian at Sephora for $12.

9- DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT spray perfume on yourself. There's something about being hungover and a strong scent that make you feel terrible. I have literally had to rub my wrists under water in the sink to try to get it off because the smell was making me nauseous!

9- Just in case the above still have not left you feeling somewhat better, carry a big pair of sunglasses with you...and wear as needed.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Thanks to the makeup class in NYC I took 2 weeks ago, I have learned about the BEST skin primer. Skin primer is something that you put on after moisturizer to help your makeup go on, stay put, and look good.

I have struggled with primers because some of them cause me to break out. So, when I heard about this recommended by a makeup professional, I had to try it.

Make Up For Ever has a primer called HD Microperfecting Primer ($32) at Sephora. It smooths your skin, makes your makeup last longer and you can instantly see a difference after you put it on. No joke. It even comes in different colors to correct skin tones( for redness, to add radiance, etc). I use the 0 Neutral shade.

They also have HD Invisibile Cover Foundation, however I have not yet used it. Stay tuned, it's on my list of makeup to try ;)

REMINDER: If you are not a fan of Martini's & Makeup on Facebook, join before tomorrow to have a chance in winning my favorite mascara- Fresh Supernova- a $25 value!


Monday, April 26, 2010


Awhile ago I blogged about the dangers of tanning beds. Having just come back from vacay in the U.S. Virgin Islands tanned...I naturally want to try to keep the tan as long as possible, while not stepping foot in a tanning bed. I'll admit it, the temptation is definitely there, especially since they have one at my gym.

However, one of my best friends recently saw another one of my best friends (I live 2 hours away) and said she keep her tan (since she went to the Dominican Republic earlier in the month) by using Jergens Natural Glow Firming Medium Tanning Lotion. I must say, I have used my fair share of self tanners and I have not had the best experience so I usually try to stay clear for anything other than Mystic Tan.

In desperate attempts I gave in and bought the Jergens Natural Glow lotion and figured I may as well try it. Well, I have been using it now for 5 days and I LOVE it. My tan has not faded since I used this lotion- it doesn't streak and doesn't look orange either. It has a bit of a tanning lotion smell, but it is very light.

If you need a good alternative for a tan, try using this lotion. PLUS- it is a firming lotion- which is always a plus ;) I use in the mornings and rub it in circular motions into my feet, legs, chest, arms and the part of my back I can reach.

It is about $8 at any drugstore, Target/Wal-Mart.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lashes Lashes Lashes

So I totally have an obsession with eyelashes/mascara...if you haven't noticed yet ;) But, a HUGE factor in having good eyelashes is curling them first. By curling them it gives them a flirty, catching look that mascara alone doesn't do. While mascara gives lashes thickness and length, an eyelash curler does exactly what it sounds like it does: curls your lashes.

Use an eyelash curler prior to putting on mascara- or else it will seriously clump and can cause your lashes to break! I know they may look like some sort of torture devise, but they are very easy to use. Just open, place over your lashes and pull together. I usually do it twice- once at the base of my lashes and once just on the tip of them.

The heated ones work two ways- either just like above, or you comb it through your lashes instead.

You can find eyelash curlers everywhere, but here are some favs:
shu uemura Eyelash Curler ($19) at Sephora

SEPHORA COLLECTION Professional Heated Lash Curler ($16)

Essence Of Beauty Instant Curl Heated Eyelash Curler ($5.99) at CVS


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Diane Von Furstenberg and Skinny Beach Sticks.....

Hello Lovelies!

Ok, so first off- Sorry it's been a week and a few days since my last Beauty Blog! I went to NYC for a make-up class and then went on vacay to the U.S. Virgin Islands (my heaven).

SO- I MUST share this fabulous news with you all...when I was in NYC last week I met DIANE VON FURSTENBERG at her boutique/studio in the Meatpacking District.

I seriously freaked- I met the FABULOUS DVF! And for the record, she was classy and very friendly, offering me a hug when she saw I had started to tear up due to being star-struck! My life is now complete....for now...until I become a famous makeup artist ;)

A few weeks before I left for the USVI, one of my coworkers sent me a link to Bliss World online- of course I clicked on it instantly because I am obsessed with Bliss products- and it was a product by Rodial called Skinny Beach Sticks. I read about the product to find that it would slim down your figure and prep your skin for the sun. I was sold. Anything that can make a woman slim and tan is a definite sell. Now, if it could offer you eternal youth too....well that would be fabulous.

So anyways, I decided to shell out the $60 for the Skinny Beach Sticks to see if they would help get me ready for beach days that were just around the corner. You dissolve the beach sticks in water and chug it- just like alka seltzer- one a day for two weeks prior to your trip. I must say they taste like rotten carrots, but they definitely worked as I came home tanner than I normally would AND I didn't burn! They even made me feel a bit slimmer too.

You can order them online at:

And just in case you are thinking of going to the USVI- this picture should help your decision ;)


Sunday, April 11, 2010

NYC Bound

Ladies, I will be heading up to NYC tomorrow for an all day Eye Make-Up class on Tuesday! Wish me luck! I'll then be going on vacation until April 20- STAY TUNED, I promise I will beauty blog as soon as I get back!!!

In the meantime, take this tip:
On Friday afternoon I went to get a pedicure. During the winter I usually paint my toes myself, but since I'm going to the beach soon I had to get my toes done...and BAD.

The last time I had painted my nails, the polish I used stained my nails red. At the salon I was talking with my girlfriend (we were getting them done at the same time) and the lady doing my pedicure told me that it's because I didn't use a base coat before I painted them. Apparently, you are ALWAYS supposed to use a base coat on your nails and a top coat, because it protects the nail from the polish staining it and it comes off easier. Now why didn't I know this before?

If you paint your nails a lot and have this problem, try using a base and top coat!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

"What's a good facial scrub for summer breakouts and a good bronzer to brighten me up without the shine?" -Martini's & Makeup Facebook Fan: Tiffany


A great scrub for summer breakouts is a scrub by Peter Thomas Roth: Botanical Buffing Beads ($36) at Sephora. It exfoliates your face to get rid of dead skin cells, helps to unclog pores and helps to ward off whiteheads and blackheads. Summer can certainly bring some mean whiteheads- YUCK!

When looking for a facial scrub, be careful because some can be very harsh on your skin. Make sure Jojoba Oil is a main ingredient in the product because it makes it noncomedogenic. This means, it won't block your pores- which will diminish the risk of getting pimples. Sometimes scrubs can contain acids which can burn if you have a breakout.

Another thing that can help with summer breakouts is Tea Tree Oil (around $5-10) and you can find it at drugstores, Target/Walmart. It smells a little funky, but it if you have a really bad blemish, apply it to the problem area with a q-tip before you go to bed at night. It will help to kill the infection and it will go down by the morning. It's worth the funky smell!

For a bronzer- I use the Mineralize Skinfinish ($28) by MAC. Sometimes bronzers can be really tough to find since they can make you look complteley fake...and orange. MAC's mineralize skinfinish brightens your face without it looking fake. When applying bronzer- apply it to where the sun would naturally hit your face- your cheeks and your nose. Lightly sweep a little color along your forehead and along your temples also.

I used to use a loose bronzing powder by Revlon that was FANTASTIC- seriously, I used it all throughout college, but it got discontinued....Man, I hate when that happens!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept." -One Tree Hill

I don't know about you ladies, but this week has been going by really slow AND I've been ridiculously tired. I'm getting sleep at night, but I just wake up exhausted. I'd like to think it's because I've been working really hard at the gym this week...but sadly I think the real reason is all the pollin thats starting to come around is starting to trigger my sinuses.

A nice thing to do at night is to put a cold compress on your eyes- it helps them to relax and the next morning you wake up with bright eyes! It also helps dark circles and puffy eyes for when you are really tired or if you just watched Steel Magnolias and balled your eyes out.

You can find them anywhere- Sephora, CVS, Target, ULTA- and they are around $10-20. Put in the freezer for a few hours. Once it's nice and cold, place on your eyes (after applying your nightly moisturizer!) and relax. If it's too cold, layer with a wash cloth until it gets a little warmer.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"My makeup wasn't smeared, I wasn't disheveled, I behaved politely, and I never finished off a bottle, so how could I be alcoholic?" -Betty Ford

So your going out for a night on the town with your girlfriends or on a date. Do you know what you are doing with your eye makeup? If you do, that is great; if you don't, read on for a few easy tips for night time eye makeup!

1. Wear a darker eye shadow than you normally wear for day time. For example, if you normally wear a light gold, wear a darker gold on the lid of your eye and apply the lighter eye shadow to the crease of your eye lid to your brow line. If you buy eye shadow in palettes, they usually come with a lighter and darker shadow that are matched to be blended well together. Finally, apply the lighter shadow to the inner corner of your eye (near tear duct) like Beyonce- check a few blogs down.

2. Apply eyeliner to your upper lash line. I use gel eyeliner- it lasts longer and doesn't smudge like pencil eyeliner can. I use Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner ($21.00) and you apply it with an eyeliner brush (you can get one anywhere). Start at the outer corner of your eye and draw a small line to the inner corner of your eye. If you want a thicker line, re-trace the line with a little more eye liner.

3. With a black pencil eye liner, line the inner part of your bottom lash line. I know it seems weird, but it looks good.

4. Curl your eyelashes with a eyelash curler. You can find them at Sephora, ULTA or CVS.

4. MASCARA: the most important part of makeup. Apply two to three coats of volumizing mascara (Fresh Supernova, $25 is the BEST!)

Voila! You are now ready for a night on the town!


Monday, April 5, 2010

"Quirky is sexy, like scars or chipped teeth. I also like tattoos - they're rebellious." -Jennifer Aniston

So let's face it...we've all been rebellious at some point in time. Personally, my rebellious-ness (is that a word?) resulted in a tongue piercing when I was a freshman in college (gross, I know- I took it out after like 6 months) and a tattoo on my foot. Its small, but it will still be there the rest of my life.

It's not that I am unhappy now- 5 years later- that I have come to the realization it will never go away, but I am totally ok with it because I actually really like it. It's a small hot pink hibiscus flower on my right foot that can be hidden by a flip-flop strap.

While I still love my tat, I have caught some of my older coworkers staring at it when I've worn a skirt/dress. At times I wish there was some way to hide it- say for job interviews, professional meetings, etc- and there is actually a product you can use to cover your tattoo or bad scars if you need to.

It's called Dermablend Leg & Body Cover Foundation ($26). You can find it at Macys, ULTA or online at: It also works on scars, stretch marks and bruises.

Speaking of tattoos:
Kat Von D is living proof that even though a female has a ton of tattoos, she can still totally rock them AND be a glamour girl ;)


Friday, April 2, 2010

FREE mascara, anyone??

Ladies, I am trying to get the word out more about my blog and I need your help! If you are on Facebook (EVERYONE is on Facebook these days), please become a fan of Martini's & Makeup and tell all your girlfriends too!!/pages/Washington-DC/Martinis-Makeup/270978262087?ref=ts

For the month of April I am having a contest where one Facebook Fan will win my FAVORITE mascara (Fresh Supernova- a $25 value!) at the end of the month! Stay tuned- more details will follow!

And please, comment and ask beauty questions- I want to know what you are thinking!

Thank you for reading!!! :)


Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Why didn't you just carry them and wear sneakers like everyone else?" -Steve to Miranda, Sex and the City

"Miranda : I had to walk all the way from the subway in these heels. My feet are killing me.
Steve : Why didn't you just carry them and wear sneakers like everyone else?
Miranda : Stop. You can take me out of Manhattan but you can't take me out of my shoes."

Every morning when I drive to work I pass by a metro station, so I see a lot of people walking from the surrounding areas to catch a train into the city. In the midst of all the people, there is one common thing in women....sneakers and skirts.

NEWSFLASH: This combo will NEVER, EVER look cute together! Case in point below:

I understand wanting to wear comfortable shoes to make it to the metro and then walk the 8 blocks to your office building without being late, but there are TONS of cute, comfortable flats or walking shoes you can wear that will not make you a Fashion "Don't."

Start with a few simple tips:
2. If you are wearing a skirt or a dress, for the sake of you looking good, wear flats!
Get the point?

I know what your thinking, you don't care because your comfortable on your walk to/from work. Think again- I seriously CRINGE when I see this combo- espically when the woman is wearing white tube socks with them. HELLO, Jane Fonda called- she wants her look back.

If you MUST wear a sneaker since it offers more support, try a dark fashion sneaker (think Puma styles- yes, I know the picture above is a Puma sneaker, but it is bright white- a big no no) instead of wearing an all out sneaker. Wear with a pair of short athletic socks so they do not show over the shoe. Consider wearing more pants since the shoe will not be as noticable.

You can never go wrong with a cute flat or sandal for warmer weather. Since flats are so in right now, they have them everywhere! Just be sure to try them on, because flats can pinch your pinky toes. DSW Shoe Warehouse has some really cute ones and occasionally you can find a cute comfortable shoe at Aerosoles (that doesn't look like your Grandma) which will work for your daily walking commute.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Every woman should learn how to be her own skincare expert." -Bobbi Brown

The other day, one of my lovely co-workers who follows my blog surprised me with a beauty book! You can never go wrong giving another female a beauty book (keep that in mind if you need to buy a gift for one of your girlfriends!). This book, called "Ask" which has tons and tons of beauty questions answered, is a great source for beauty information.

While reading through the book I found something interesting that makes sense, but I had never thought of before. When putting on your moisturizer, apply it to your face making long upward-sweeping motions with your hands. When you apply it to your face in downward motions, it can drag your face down.

If you go all the way back to one of my first posts, "Fresh Face Cont'd," you will read about how IMPORTANT it is to wash and moisturize your face twice daily. ALWAYS moisturize your face, neck, chest and hands. These are the places on your body that will show signs of aging first, but moisturizing them daily will help keep your skin youthful.


Monday, March 29, 2010


Ladies, I am about to tell you the key to brightening your eyes- whether it be for an early morning to wake up tired eyes or to go out for a night on the town. This is a trick Beyonce's make-up artist even uses (see proof below)!

When you want to bring out your eyes- SHIMMER eye shadow is by far the best thing to use. I swear by eye shadows that have shimmer in them- in fact, it's pretty much all I use. The best places for shimmer to go on your eyes to make them appear bigger is in the inside bottom corner of your eye (near your tear duct) and right under your eye brow.

I like Stila eye shadow in Kitten ($18) at Sephora or ULTA. It is a very light metallic and looks great on. I use the Sephora Collection All Over Shadow Small Brush #23 ($20) to sweep this shadow in the inside bottom corner of my eyes (near tear duct) and up on my brow line. You can essentially use any light colored metallic to do this.

Take a look at Beyonce- her eyes look AMAZING.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crease and cling free

So you applied your eye shadow 4 hours ago and you look in the mirror...what do you see? CREASED eye shadow. Unfortunately it happens to most everyone.

Luckily, there is a product you can use that will extend the life of your eye shadow and help avoid creasing. It's called Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($18) and you can find it at Sephora. I used to use it and after trying out different brands, I found myself going back to this one because I think it works best. The other morning I applied my eye shadow at 7am and at 12pm that afternoon my eye shadow was STILL intact and crease free!

The applicator is a wand, but I found it works better to rub the potion on your finger and apply it with your finger instead of using the wand directly on your eye lid.

On a side note:
Invest in a short slip if you do not already own one. With spring/summer comes light weight dresses and skirts. Wearing a slip helps the fabric not cling to you and hides underwear lines.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ladies, I have found a oil that fixes scars, stretch marks, dehydrated skin and uneven skin tone. It is called Bio-Oil and you can find it at any drug store for about ($10-12).

I saw it at CVS the other day and decided to try it since the price was right and it said it helped scars heal. Well, I have been putting it on a scar I have for about 2 weeks now, and I must say it is not as noticeable as it used it be. At night it's good to mix it with hand cream and apply to your hands to wake up with smooth hands in the morning! It even says it helps aging skin, but I have not tried it for that purpose yet.

Apply to problem areas with your fingers and massage onto your skin for about 20 seconds. The smell is a little funky, but the scent does not last long.


Monday, March 22, 2010

No 'Wrinkles in Time'

If you have read back to my first blogs, you have read about my freak out when I turned 25 last summer about starting to see the first signs of aging on my face. Oh the joys of being a woman!

Well, while I have fully embraced getting older and more fabulous with age (hey, with age comes more money!), I still am conscious of premature wrinkles or "expression lines." The places I see it most on my face are my eyes and my forehead- where I have found most women find their first signs of aging.

I have tried a few different creams to help ward off nasty wrinkles and recently have found the BEST anti-wrinkle eye cream: The Youth As We Know It Anti-Aging Eye Cream by Bliss($75). I have been using it only a little over a week and have started to see results. It's pretty much amazing. The crows feet I had started to see are GONE, yes- GONE!! While a little bit higher in price, so far it is definitely worth every penny. Find it online at ( or at Sephora stores. They also have a face moisturizer, The Youth As We Know It ($79), which I have also tried and it is great. Find it at or at Sephora also. If you need to choose one or the other since they are pricey, I recommend the eye cream. Just be sure to use some kind of moisturizer on your face daily. I still swear by Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 since my skin is sensitive.

Another thing that helps ward off wrinkles is to always wear sunglasses. They protect your eyes from crows feet and when wearing them, you don't squint which can help prevent forehead lines.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Avoid getting rubbed the wrong way....

Sorry for it being a week since the last beauty blog, but I had the flu all week and had no business trying to give any kind of beauty advice while still looking like a hot sick mess.

If you are in the DC area, you witnessed the most gorgeous weekend with temps in the middle 70's and a great breeze! Ah so nice! Spring is around the corner, which means skirts, sun dresses, bathing suits.....which all can result in "red legs," aka when your inner thighs rub together when walking or running. Ouch.

There are a few things you can do to avoid this- as it can be very painful if it's super hot outside and you are sweating and walking or wearing a wet bathing suit- that's the worst. I remember when I was studying abroad in Italy, it was so hot and I walked so much while I was there, I seriously thought my "red legs" were going to bleed!

My favorite trick is to rub solid deodorant on one or both of your legs where they rub before getting dressed. Any solid white powder deodorant will work. The gel deodorants do NOT work.

Body Glide is good also- I haven't used it but I have had friends who use it and say it works well. You can find it at for $6. Other products you can use are petroleum jelly or baby powder- but the baby powder can sometimes make a mess.

If you have really bad "red legs"- wear pants and put some Neosporin on it to help it go away.

Happy Walking/Running!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

When it rain it pours...

Concerts, graduations, festivals, travling....I'm sure you have had to attend an event or sight see in the rain before. While the rain is good for the plants and trees, its a hastle to have to be in. Especially when it rains during a big event you were excited for. I went to NYC a little while ago and there was a torential down pour and I refused to stay in the hotel since it's not everyday I'm in NYC. While attempting not to look like a wet rat, I came up with some ideas that help get you through the storm.

Makeup: Wear water proof mascara to avoid it running. I like MAC Splash proof in blacksplash ($13). You can find it at MAC stores/Nordstrom/Bloomie's. Wear minimal makeup to avoid it streaking if your face gets rained on. Wear under eye concealer and a light layer of powder. You can also wear a shimmer eyeshadow with the mascara to make your eyes look good. Stila eye shadow colors Kitten, Oasis and Nude are pretty and stay on pretty well. You can find them at Sephora ($18).

Hair: If you have curly hair, don't bother straightening will just get frizzy and be a mess. If you have straight hair that gets really limp in bad weather, wear it up in a clip or wear a pony tail with a cute jeweled hair tie- you can find cute ones at J. Crew.

Clothes: Wear jeans/leggings tucked into rain boots to keep your feet dry. The most uncomfortable thing in the rain is wet feet! You can find cute rain boots at Target and Laila Rowe for under $30. Also do invest in a rain coat at some point. I bought one about 2 years ago and I wear it all the time in the rain. It was one of the best buys I've ever made. And, be sure it has a hood. This way if you can't use an umbrella, your head will stay dry.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Taming of the Brow

I've already blogged about caring for your eyebrows (waxing, threading, plucking) but I haven't yet talked about how to TAME them....they do seem to have minds of their own sometimes. I swear I look in the mirror some mornings and it's like they grew out overnight! This trick takes less than a minute and can clean your look up in 2 easy steps.

In the morning before applying your eye makeup, get a eyebrow brush and some hair gel. Step 1: Put a small dab of the gel on your finger and rub it onto your eyebrow. Step 2: Take the eyebrow brush and with the large bristle side, brush your eyebrows into the desired shape you want and comb down any straggling hairs. You only need a very small amount of hair gel, I usually split the gel between both eyebrows.

So, if you don't already have an eyebrow brush, head to Sephora/Target/CVS/or order online at E.F.F. (only $1). You don't need an expensive gel for this to work- I usually get the cheap one since I only use it on my brows.

On a side note: I thought up the name of this blog from the classic "The Taming of the Shrew" by Shakespeare about a man who is trying to "tame" his new wife (the shrew). It is very comical and the movie stars the glamorous Elizabeth Taylor. Talk about a true beauty icon!


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Starbucks out of a Straw

As bad of a habit it is, I normally start my day with a tall skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks. Hey- at least it wakes you up and boosts your metabolism. Plus, Dr. Oz says coffee is a anti-oxidant. The bad stains your teeth. Yes, now-a-days you can get your teeth whitened in the mall (Tysons Corner has EVERYTHING), but why not avoid things that will make you have to spend $$ instead?

To avoid coffee from staining your pearly whites, use a straw to sip it. Yes, I know it may look funny drinking hot coffee from a straw, but it really will cut back on the amount of coffee that touches your teeth. The same goes for dark sodas- they too can stain your teeth and hurt the enamel on them.

So, pick up a straw when drinking anything dark to keep your smile bright! ;)


Friday, March 5, 2010

Purses can smell good, too!

Last night I was at the mall leaving my hair appointment and as I walked by the perfume counter at Macy's I saw Sarah Jessica Parker's new fragrance: SJP NYC. Since it is a bright colored bottle covered in animal print and hot pink, I was naturally drawn to it. So I picked up the perfume testing card and sprayed it to make sure it smelled good before spraying it on myself.

Let me guess, you all do this too, right? If you don't, you should so you don't spray something that smells like burnt hair on your wrist that will give you a headache. Yes, I have totally done this to myself before and it's not easy to get rid of the headache OR the smell.

Before testing a perfume on your skin, test it on the sample cards first. Once you have established if you like it or not then test it on yourself, but what do you do with the sample card? Easy- if you like it toss it in your purse and zip it up. This way, the fragrance will make your purse smell good every time you open it. Don't like it? Leave the card on the counter. A friend of mine gave me a tip too- you can put the perfume sample cards in your drawers so your clothes smell nice!

And by the way, SJP NYC smells delicious to me. I am definitely going to invest in this one!

Monday, March 1, 2010

"The first rule of eye makeup is that you can never wear enough blue eye shadow." -Shelly, My Girl

Unless you want to look like Mimi(Drew Carey Show) or the "ladies" at the local Drag Club in your town- you certainly CAN wear too much blue eye shadow. Exhibit A below:

I was watching "My Girl" the other day on TV and I chuckled when I heard this. Yes, while the movie is set in the 1970s, I still have seen women at this day and age wearing piled on bright blue eyeshadow. Now, you may be looking at my picture of Sephora on the right side if the page. Yes, the model is wearing a ton of blue eyeshadow, but it is for art/advertisement/runway purposes and it looks good for this.

Ladies, save yourself the humiliation and stay away from crazy colored eye shadows- unless it's for a Halloween costume. When I say "crazy colored" eye shadows, I mean if it's a color of the rainbow and it's REALLY bright, leave it at the store.

If you want a "crazy colored" eye shadow, opt for it in a deep color- instead of wearing bright violet eye shadow, buy a shimmery deep purple- it can be very flattering on green or brown eyes. If you want a blue, buy a shimmery blue and put it on ONLY the lid of your eye. Anything more can be overkill and you WILL look like Mimi.

If you want a colored eye shadow:
Urban Decay Deluxe Eye Shadow ($18) has some awesome colors and most of then have shimmer in them. You cannot go wrong with these colors, just don't over-do it and apply the shadow up to your eye brows! Find them at Sephora.

MAC Eye Pigment Eye Shadows ($19.50). I have blogged about this before- the colors are great and the eye shadow lasts forever! Buy at Nordstrom, Bloomie's or MAC Stores.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Take it OFF!

Ok, ladies I have officially found the best eye makeup remover!!!! I usually would just use cetaphil when washing my face to take off my eye makeup since it is very gentle and doesn't hurt your eyes. I hate the oily feeling some removers leave, so to me Cetaphil was the best thing to use....

Until I found Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads- they are oil-free and since they are little pads with the remover on them, they completely wipe off all eye makeup and better yet- they don't sting your eyes! I bought two packs (80 per pack) for $6 at Target just the other day.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wet is the new Dry

Today's tip is great and it doesn't cost a thing if you already have whats needed(even better!).

If you are looking for a surge of color from your eye shadows, try wetting the eyeshadow applicator with water before dipping it in the shadow and then apply to your lids. Especially if it is a shimmer eyeshadow, the color will POP on your eyes and give you a different look. I think it works best with Lorac and MAC Eye Pigment eye shadows. It is a GREAT trick for night time glam makeup ;)

If you do not have any eyeshadow applicators, you can usually find about 10 of them in a pack for around $2-3 at ULTA or Target.

Lorac eye shadows ($18) can be found at Sephora and MAC Eye Pigment (19.50) can be found at Nordstrom/Bloomie's/MAC stores. The MAC Eye Pigment is definitely a great investment- I use mine almost everyday and it still looks as full as it did when I bought it about a year ago. Since it is a colored powder and applies easily, a lot goes a long way.

Random Fact: Sephora is named after the Greek word for beauty “sephos” and the wife of Moses known for her elegance “Zipphora.”


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"I wouldn't know how to find eBay on the computer if my life depended on it." -Marc Jacobs

This weekend I was visiting a best friend and while getting ready to go out, she asked me to do her eye makeup for her. Of course I agreed, so I asked to see what makeup she had so I could start to play around. When she pulled out her makeup bag, I noticed about 4 Bobbi Brown professional makeup brushes- two of them are normally about $40! I asked where she got them, and she said she bought them all on eBay for half the original cost!

I had heard enough- I went online to check this out for myself. She was right- simply search "Bobbi Brown makeup brushes," or "MAC Makeup," or the specific makeup you want into the search on the eBay home page and there are tons of brushes/makeup to chose from that are much cheaper than if you buy them in the store!

Now you can have a little extra $ to treat yourself to a nice strong Martini with dinner/HH the next time you go out ;)


Monday, February 22, 2010

"We wander for distraction, but we TRAVEL for fulfillment." -Hilaire Belloc

Today I had to fly- while I normally don't mind traveling, I hate crowded airports and hate being cramped on airplanes- and, since it was a Monday, I had to battle both. Below are some tips I always follow when flying:

1- Wear something comfortable! Wearing comfortable clothing will help make you more relaxed on the flight- wearing something uncomfortable is a HUGE no-no. I like to wear yoga pants/leggings/jeans, flats and some kind of flowly top. Also always bring a cardigan or scarf you can cover yourself with if you get cold.

2- Wear flats or sandals- something that is easy to get on/off since you have to take them off when you go through security. No one likes sneaker shoe girl holding up the security line because she has to completely unlace her shoes before going through the scanner.

3- Wear a watch. Even if you do not like to wear them- this way you can track how much time you have left on the flight and know if you are cutting it close to a connecting flight!

4-Carry all your cosmetics/makeup with you on the flight. Yes, you will have to put all your lip gloss/lotion/mascara in a 1 quart bag, but if your luggage gets lost and you won't get it for a day or two, you will still look good since you have your makeup with you. You can always find a place to find clothes to get you through until they bring your luggage. I NEVER check my makeup bag! Also, if you fall asleep during the flight you can check your eye makeup in a compact to be sure it didn't run while you were napping.

5-Bring your iPod fully charged! Listening to relaxing music- like The Fray or Coldplay (as long as you aren't going through a horrible break-up) helps calm you down and relax during the flight. IF you can splurge- the BOSE Noise Cancelling Headphones work wonders- esp if a cranky little kid is sitting near your seat!

Happy travels!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Crystal Clear

I once read somewhere that the best kind of makeup bags are the clear ones. Now, not to sound like a complete snob but when I think of clear bags all I can think of are those hideous clear purses that were in style for awhile and I always wondered WHY anyone would want a clear purse because anyone could see what you had in it.

While I still do not agree with clear purses, using a clear makeup bag works really well. Have you ever gotten annoyed trying to find your eyeliner and you search for 2 minutes in your makeup bag before you find it? When you have a clear makeup bag, you can see inside so you can find that eyeliner just by looking at the sides or bottom of the bag!

I use the Sephora Collection Signature Clear Makeup Bag ($4-12). It comes in three sizes- the small one is great for your brushes to keep them separate from the rest of your makeup to avoid bacteria growth. I use the largest bag for all of my makeup- plus it's great when you travel because it's very spacious so you can throw your moisturizers in it too. And for $12, you can't go wrong! (

On a side note: In need of new luggage? Run- seriously- RUN to T.J. Maxx because I just bought a Diane von Furstenberg suitcase today!!!!! I know styles vary per store, but if in the DC area there are a bunch of different styles and three different prints at the T.J. Maxx near Bailey's Crossroads. The original price tag on the one I bought is $335 and I got it for $80! Now that's a GREAT deal for a DVF suitcase!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"I love the smell of NAIL POLISH in the morning. " -Jason Stackhouse, True Blood HBO Series

If you are anything like me, you hate waiting for your nails to dry after you have just painted them. There is something about knowing you can't touch things that makes you want to do it more....Well, ladies- good news- there are some nail polishes that dry within minutes of application!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color ($5). A friend recommended this to me and it works wonders! The line has some really good colors- my favorite is "09 Rapid Red" and will look good on all skin tones and can wear it year round! The brush is really thick, so you can cover your entire nail with only 2 strokes and they dry very fast so you can do a top coat and be done with the whole process in less than 10 minutes! I swear by this polish now!

Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish ($5). I have read reviews on this and it is supposed to be very good and it was even featured on Yahoo's Shine page as a best nail polish! You may need to apply a few coats, according to reviews.

OPI DripDry, RapiDry Spray or RapiDry Top Coat- These are good to apply to colors that do not have the quick dry in them. I have been a fan of OPI since I can remember, so I highly recommend ANYTHING from their line.

On a side note: TRUE BLOOD is an amazing HBO series- not as amazing as Sex and the City- but still awesome! If you haven't had the pleasure of watching the past 2 seasons, rent them and watch them before Season 3 starts this summer!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Don't cry over SPILLED MAKEUP

Yesterday at the grocery store while standing in the check-out line I spotted a magazine that I hadn't heard of before called "Real Simple- Life Made Easier," and based on the name and cover I decided to buy it (hey, who doesn't want life to be simple?). I have not fully read it yet- but I came across something that caught my eye while flipping through the pages: an article on removing lipstick stains from your purse lining.

Constantly carrying makeup in your handbag has it's up and it's downs: while you can always look good after work meeting some of the girls for martini's at HH, it can also spill and stain the lining in your purse which is a pain and can ruin the insides of the bag. Especially if it is eyeliner or lip liner- ugh the worst! I had to toss a bag (thank goodness it was a cheap clutch!!!) because the top of my eyeliner came off at a party one night and I didn't notice until the morning. I was shocked when I opened the clutch to find the eyeliner tip completely broken off from all the damage it had done to the inside of the bag!

According to the article, here is a great way to remove makeup stains, and while it mostly highlights lipstick/liner, I bet it will work with all makeup stains:
"Grab the liquid detergent! Standard liquid dish detergent can help safely remove lipstick and lip liner stains from most cotton or polyester handbag linings. For all other materials, it's best to take the bag to a dry cleaner.

How to apply it: Dilute a cap full of dish detergent with an equal amount of warm water. Pull the lining as far out of the bag as you can. Then, using a cotton swab, apply the mixture to the stain in a circular motion. Switch swabs often so you don't rub the pigment back into the fabric. Allow the bag to air-dry. Repeat until the stain is removed."
-Real Simple Magazine (page 58), March 2010

If you like to read magazines, pick this one up the next time you are at the store. It's $4.99 and is loaded with beauty, fashion, decorating tips, health and even has easy recipes!


Monday, February 15, 2010

"My LIP GLOSS is poppin" -Lil Mama

Lip gloss- the one thing I have too much of in my makeup collection. I can't help it- lip gloss is a downfall of mine! I think lip gloss is better than lipstick- only because it adds shimmer and makes them look really pretty and eye catching.

Since lip gloss is not as dense as lipstick is in color, you should first line your lips with a lip pencil and fully color them in prior to applying the gloss. It should be a similar color to the gloss. For daytime, get a lip pencil in one shade lighter than the gloss and for night, use a lip pencil darker than the gloss for a more dramatic effect.

To make your lips look fuller you can find a gloss that has the "plump" in it, or you can take some shimmery eye shadow and apply it to the middle of your bottom lip after you have put on the gloss. It's a trick a lot of makeup artists do to make the illusion of fuller lips and it works! I use a very light gold since I mostly wear pinks. I also use a lip primer that plumps your lips to prepare them for gloss.

My fav's:
Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish by Bare Escentuals ($18). They have wonderful colors and the gloss lasts a very long time and is not thick. These are my favorite! Pair it with Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick. Apply the lip stick first to line the lips. I wear this combo almost every day! Find at Sephora.

MAC Tinted Lipglass ($14). The best color is Nymphette. ANYONE can wear this color- it is fantastic! It is a shimmery pink with gold undertones, which makes it work for all skin tones. When I wear Nymphette, I pair it with MAC Lipliner in Spice. You can find these at MAC stores or Nordstrom/Bloomingdales.

Benefit Lip Plump ($22). I wear this every single day before applying my lip color. It neutralizes your lip color and plumps them so when you put on the liner and gloss is gives them an extra oomph! You can find it in Sephora.

Random fact:
I got a big heart shaped box of Godiva Chocolates from my Dad yesterday. Inside the box is a little booklet that has a index of the chocolates. Now, I'm sure they all have this but I've never read them because let's face it- it's GODIVA chocolate- so they're all good. But, yesterday I decided to open it up and look at it. Not only does it have the chocolate index, but it has a little blurb about the Godiva Legacy- which I had never though of before, I just figured it was the owner's last name. Apparently, hundreds of years ago, there was a woman named Lady Godiva who was married to Lord Leofric, a ruler who was trying to tax the people in his city. Lady Godiva fought this and did not want him to raise the taxes. He challenged her to ride naked on a horse throughout the streets and if the people of the city remained, he would not charge the tax. She complied- and rode naked through the streets, but the people did not stay. Godiva Chocolates is named after Lady Godiva for her passion, style, sensuality and boldness.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

"There is no way back for me now. I am going to take you on journeys you’ve never dreamed were possible" -Alexander McQueen

Sadly, one of the most creative designers in fashion history- the legendary Lee Alexander McQueen past away on Thursday at the young age of 40. It is rumored that it was suicide because he was greatly depressed by the death of his mother just 9 days before. His incredible fashion design statements will forever be remembered in the fashion world.

His first name is Lee, however he dropped his first name and went by Alexander McQueen throughout his career. He worked at Givenchy as the Head Designer before partnering with Gucci for the Alexander McQueen label as the Creative Director and had boutiques throughout the world.

Although his designs are outrageous, shocking and sometimes weird- they are so creative and amazing you cannot help but stare at his pieces in awe. That, ladies, is a stunning designer. His outlandish runway shows are what people in the fashion industry lived for- I only WISH I could have seen one of his shows in person. Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna are all wearers of Alexander McQueen.

He made the skull image famous and featured leggings and skinny jeans once in a show and now look around- EVERYONE is wearing them. Alexander McQueen is a true inspiration and icon.

Check out his Spring 2010 Ready-To-Wear to see his marvelous, genius designs:

I can only imagine how high the cost of his pieces will rise in his boutiques now. When I win the lotto, I'll let you know ;)


Friday, February 12, 2010

Black is the new....Black

At work today we had a Chili Cook-Off and in attempts to help out in the workforce (it was a voluntary event) I decided to make chili (gasp!) and even better, it turned out GOOD (even bigger gasp!). So- my point about this chili story is, it's photographed to be put on the work website for all to see- YIKES. Naturally I had to think of what to wear this morning getting dressed and I immediately thought- BLACK.

Black is by far the BEST color to wear if you are feeling a little sluggish- it hides everything and is VERY flattering on. Be it a black skirt, shirt, pants- anything, I guarantee you it will almost always look good. When you wear a light color or white, it shows all. Especially when taking pics, black is by far the best choice.

A few staple pieces in your wardrobe should include a black dress (ooh la la- the LBD), a black skirt, a black pair of pants and a classic black cardigan. You can wear these items with anything! Plus- they will always look good being photographed ;) Just one thing- if wearing a black shirt, wear a black bra- or else the flash on a camera will make the shirt look see-thru!

"Wear" to look for these pieces- Banana Republic, INC or Tahari at Bloomingdales- you can usually find these brands on sale. AND Banana Republic has an awesome outlet!!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


SNOWMAGEDDON has been upon us since last Friday and it is only getting worse with a snow storm tonight.UGH. While you are stranded indoors, take some time to do some beautifying!

I haven't worn makeup since Sunday night- yes, as much as I love makeup I decided to "detox" my skin from products for awhile since I won't be going anywhere. Still wash your face in the morning/evening and apply tons of moisturizer, since there are frigid degrees outside. Sometimes its good to give your skin a break from makeup and what better time than now, while you are couped up indoors.

Give yourself a mani/pedi! Since you have loads of time on your hands- give yourself a detailed polish- do the full deal- cut, file, buff, treat cuticles, and polish.

Organize your makeup. Go through all of your beauty products/makeup and toss anything you have had longer than 6 months you haven't used. You may even find something you forgot you have! I did this the other day and I found some eyeshadow I had misplaced and a few sample perfumes (which are great for travelling!).

Clean your closet. Yes- I hate doing this too, but with nothing else to do it's not as bad as it normally is. Put any unwanted clothes or clothes you cannot remember the last time you wore in a pile and donate them to Goodwill/Salvation Army/Church for people who really need them. If you haven't worn a sweater in over a's probably time to give it up. Doing this will make more space for all the pretty, colorful spring clothes that are waiting for us right around the corner ;).

Read up- reading makes you smarter. Even if you have a book you've read before, try re-reading it. You may pick something up you missed the first time.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Cinderella is proof that a pair of SHOES can change your life"

Shoes. Every girl loves them. They are the one thing that are reliable in fashion- because even if you may have gained a few lbs around the holidays (hello, we ARE human), you know they will ALWAYS fit ;)

The smart way to buying shoes, like all other things is figuring out if you really need it and what you need. When you go shoe shopping, have some kind of idea of what exactly you are looking for- be it flats, work shoes, party shoes, etc. If you are buying a shoe for a specific outfit or dress, at least know the color you want before going shopping. It can be overwhelming trying to decide on everything in the store, so this way you will be a little more prepared and know what to be looking for. TIP: If you don't know what shoe to wear with an outfit, do some reasearch (fashion mags, online) to see what the celebs are wearing to get a few ideas.

Shoes you need: every woman should own a pair of classic black pumps, a comfortable pair of flats, a versitale boot, a stunning party shoe, a pretty summer sandal, and a pair of rain boots/snow shoes. These, to me, are must-have's.

Classic black pumps (round or pointy toe)- you can wear pumps to work with any suit, dress, slack, skirt- you name it, it will look good. They will always be in style- just don't over do it on the heel. For the summer, buy a pair of black open-toed pumps.

A comfortable flat- flats are great to wear out instead of sneakers. I LIVE in flats on the weekend- they can be paired with anything and can even be worn to work. Just make sure they are comfortable- uncomfortable flats can be very painful! Black, red, animal print and silver/gold are great colors for flats.

A versitale boot- this can be worn day to night- be it an ankle or knee high. Don't opt for the pointy toed 4 inch stileto heel, because you can't wear that to work! Opt for a pointy/rounded toe with a 2-3 inch heel- and they should be either leather or suede. I wear my knee highs ALL THE TIME. They look great with skirts!

A stunning party shoe- invest in a party shoe that you can wear with numerous outfits. Great colors are hot pink (if you tend to wear a lot of black, like me), red, bright blue/green or metallics. Nine West, Steve Madden and Aldo always have gorgeous options.

A summer sandal- ok, as much as I love flip-flops, there are some sun dresses that need something a little fancier. Find a pair of flat sandals that you like- there are tons of options (ones with jewels, metallics, flowers, etc). I live in my Jack Rogers 'Navajo' Thong in the summer. Steve Madden and DV by Dolce Vita are also great.

Rain/Snow boot- it's pretty obvious...and when the snow or pouring rain hits, you'll be glad you have something that keep your feet dry!

The NO-NO's of shoe shopping:
1. So you find a gorgeous pair of shoes, try them on and can barely walk.....leave them. If you can't walk in them in the store or they already hurt you feet, think of a night of standing/dancing or the staircase you will have to walk down- slipping down a flight of stairs because you cannot handle your shoes is not attractive. Yes ladies, no matter how stunning they are or how much they are on sale (which is prob the reason they are on sale), do not waste your money. You will wear them once and then they will retire to you closet, where they will never be worn again because you will remember the pain they caused you. I had a pair of sky high red peep toes I just got rid of recently due to this.

2. NEVER buy shoes online. I just had an issue with this last week. Buy the shoes in person, this way you can try them on and check them to see if they have any damages.

Shopping hints:
Discount stores- T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Lowman's and DSW Shoe Warehouse- all of these stores have good brands of shoes like Nine West, Steve Madden, BCBG and more! I scored a gorgeous pair of peep-toe booties by MAXSTUDIO the other day for $50!

Designer store outlets- Filene's Basement, Nordstrom Rack, Neiman Marcus Last Call and Saks Off 5th- even though they are still a little pricey, you can find designer shoes for cheaper than their orignial cost!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


If you live in the Washington DC Metro area, check out Crystal Couture going on THIS WEEK in Crystal City ( I went with some co-workers last night and it was pretty cool. The event runs from 6pm-10pm until this Saturday, February 6- which is the "Big" night as everyone was saying last night.

The show offers vendors with the latest fashions, jewelry, swimwear, handbags and more-You can even get your makeup done by some local makeup artisits! There are Runway shows that happen every 15 minutes featuring the designs of the vendors you see on the floor. My favorite was the jewelry- if you go, be sure to check out Nicky B Designs and Stella Dot.

Since last night was the opening, Aly from Mix 107 Fix was the host and I made it in her promo video for the event! Check me at the 2 minute mark and at the end!

If you have the time, definitely check it out ;) When events like these come up, take advantage of them since it is something new and differnt you wouldn't necessarily do. Grab some dinner and a Martini before hand and it's a great night out with the girls!


Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Because my hands are rough and wrinkley, they are my least favorite feature. An ex-boyfriend used to call them 'Freddy Kreuger' fingers.” -Tyra Banks

I'm sure most of you don't have Freddy Kruger fingers, but according to Tyra, you can tell a woman's real age by her hands or neck.

Since hearing this (and the fact that its winter) I apply hand creme daily- sometimes up to 3-4 times a day! There is nothing worse than the feeling of dry hands! Not to mention you don't want to be compared to Freddy Kreuger- he has gross hands AND bad skin. Yikes!

Add applying hand creme to your daily morning and night routine. You will definitely notice a difference in your skin. Keep a creme in your desk at work or your purse and apply throughout the day when they feel dry, or after you've washed your hands- the winter can really be a burden on our poor hands.

For your neck- when you apply your daily moisturizer, spread some onto your neck and chest. You can even rub any extra onto your hands.

It's best to use non-scented lotions for your skin, because they can actually dry it out more. Some hand cremes have a light scent, which is fine- but body lotions with a strong scent (like perfume lotions, Victoria's Secret/Bath and Body Works)are not the best to use for dry hands.

My fav's:
Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream ($18). This is the best hand creme I've used. It makes your hands feel silky and soft. You can buy the "to-go" version- I keep one in my purse ($8). You can find this at Sephora.

Kiehl’s Unusually Rich But Not Greasy At All Hand Cream with SPF 10 ($15.50). This makes hands feel smooth and soft with no greasy feel! Find at Nordstrom or Kiehl's online store.

Nivea Hand Smooth Indulgence Hand Cream ($8). This is actually what Tyra recommends! I use this daily and keep one in my bathroom and desk at work. AND this is currently on sale at for $4.79!

Lastly- wear gloves! Exposing your hands to the bitter cold only makes dry hands extremely worse!