Sunday, April 11, 2010

NYC Bound

Ladies, I will be heading up to NYC tomorrow for an all day Eye Make-Up class on Tuesday! Wish me luck! I'll then be going on vacation until April 20- STAY TUNED, I promise I will beauty blog as soon as I get back!!!

In the meantime, take this tip:
On Friday afternoon I went to get a pedicure. During the winter I usually paint my toes myself, but since I'm going to the beach soon I had to get my toes done...and BAD.

The last time I had painted my nails, the polish I used stained my nails red. At the salon I was talking with my girlfriend (we were getting them done at the same time) and the lady doing my pedicure told me that it's because I didn't use a base coat before I painted them. Apparently, you are ALWAYS supposed to use a base coat on your nails and a top coat, because it protects the nail from the polish staining it and it comes off easier. Now why didn't I know this before?

If you paint your nails a lot and have this problem, try using a base and top coat!


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