Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Now I'm going to put my EYELASHES on and stretch my legs out and do a show." -Nana Visitor

Fake eyelashes. Some of us swear by them and some of us are terrified of them. News Flash ladies: Fake eyelashes are NOTHING to be scared of! In fact, fake eyelashes can really complete your look. If you are dying for longer eyelashes and mascara isn't cutting it? Fakes. If you wish your eyelashes were fuller? Fakes. Have a costume that you need some crazy colored lashes for? Fakes. I'm not saying you need to wear them every day, but on special occasions they are nice to wear, especially if you are craving more dramatic looking lashes.

Now, you can buy fake eyelashes anywhere- drugstores, Sephora, etc. But the real trick to applying them is the glue. You NEED good glue for them to stay on all day/night and that withstand a freaking nuclear bomb so you aren't worried about them falling off the entire time you are wearing them. Many times you will see the standard eyelash glue in white/clear- that promises it dries clear. Second News Flash- it doesn't. If it is applied right it can, but lets face it we aren't perfect and applying these things are hard enough, so you need a little room for slip up if you add too much glue or have to re-apply the eyelash if its not centered the first time.

So what should you use instead? The dark glue, of course! When the dark glue has dried (takes about a minute), it looks like a perfect line of eyeliner above your lashes or blends in with the eyeliner you have already applied. I recently did makeup for a girlfriend's wedding (see video below!) and I used Duo Eyelash Adhesive, Dark Tone, Waterproof so that it would blend in well since most of them wanted smokey eye makeup and so they would last all night without falling off, even through tears.
(**Note: If you are going for a very natural look and only want the eyelashes to help enhance your lashes (no eyeliner, etc)- stick with the white/clear option).

You can find Duo Eyelash Adhesive, Dark Tone, Waterproof at Sephora for $8- or you can find it at drugstores or Target for around $6.

Fun fact: For really crazy fake eyelashes (costumes, New Years, etc), look at the lashes by Make Up For Ever at Sephora. They have all kinds of fun, eclectic options.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wedding Makeup by Me!

Wedding Makeup By Dani B. from Ambah Parkah on Vimeo.

Video by Ambah Parkah:,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Livin' on reds, VITAMIN C, and propane." -King of the Hill

So first off, I MUST say how AMAZINGLY FABULOUS Lady Gaga's new CD is. Maybe I'm a little partial since she is my ultimate IDOL, but whatever. And anyone who says it sounds like "80s Madonna," is so wrong. Lady Gaga's songs blow other pop songs out of the water- and lets face it, she has an awesome talent for writing her own songs that make you eager to read into them further to understand the point she is getting across. Not to mention, "Born This Way" can make any person feel great about themselves ;) Now, on to beauty, another thing to make you feel great about yourself.

When you think of Vitamin C, what do you think of? Oranges, grapefruits, Flinstone pills you took when you were 7? Well, ladies its time to start thinking of Vitamin C for your face. Yes, your face. Vitamin C powder acts as a antioxidant and helps to prevent early aging on your face and also brightens your skin tone. I heard about using Vitamin C on your face from a friend, and it sparked my interest and I had to try it out. I ended up choosing the Philosophy Turbo Booster C Powder, and I love it. I have been using it now for a few months. I can also tell a difference on days I use it and days I don't- days I do use it my skins glows :)

To apply, simply mix the powder (1 scoop) with your daily moisturizer in the morning and apply. You can find it at Sephora or online for $35.

DISCLAIMER: I advise if you plan on traveling with this, to put it in your checked luggage. If you go through security and they find a little tinted vial with a scooper for a white powder substance in your carry-on, you will most likely be strip searched and questioned by TSA....just saying... ;)


Thursday, May 19, 2011

"I was born to survive." -Born This Way, Lady Gaga

A recent event took place earlier this week that really brought me down. While being down about it I gained 2 lbs (which almost made me cry), broke out from stress(which almost made me throw a tantrum), and even caused a really bad nights sleep in addition to migraines. While I am not going to go into the details other than that NO- it was not a break up- I cannot tell you enough how hard I took this event.

While the beginning of my week started off rocky, things started to look up by today. It made me remember that even when things hit bottom, there is no where to move but up. And sometimes, we all must be reminded that nothing will be perfect forever.

With that said, do not lose sight of yourself when things turn south. Trust your instincts, remember who you are, and do not lose faith. The biggest mistake I have made in the past is losing faith in myself. I look back now and wonder what I was thinking. Stand up for yourself and do not let others dim your shine. At the end of the day, if you don't believe and respect in yourself then why would anyone else? Self confidence can take years to build, and sometimes people never build it. Don't be one of those people. Always be proud of who you are, remember where you come from and know your importance. If you have any issues, listen to BORN THIS WAY by Lady Gaga and it should cure them. Or give me a call and I will help set you back on track ;)

So what's with the GIRL POWER moment? No one can ever be reminded too many times to keep their head up. Plus, its a tough world out there. Us girls have got to stick together.


Friday, April 22, 2011

"Are you kidding me? I use my oven for storage." -Carrie, Sex and the City

Today, in honor of Easter, I am giving you ladies the cutest recipe there is: Baby Chick Cupcakes! I know what my friends are already thinking, "What? You HATE to cook. Don't you use your kitchen for storage?" Well, yes...and no. Yes, I used to hate cooking and no, I never used my kitchen to store things...but the thought has crossed my mind. I don't know what has come over me but in the past few months I have actually started to enjoy baking. Maybe it's because I enjoy licking the bowl clean of left over mix before I put it in the sink (Don't judge me). And I must skills have come a long way since Christmas when I burnt my finger, started a fire, AND shattered a glass all in the span of about 10 minutes trying to make Holiday treats (again, don't judge me).

My skills have come so far in fact, that I was able to make these Baby Chick Cupcakes last night without any issues:

I know, they are totally adorable. And once I uploaded the pic to Facebook and got a lot of comments/likes on it, I decided to share the recipe.

- 1 box cake mix and what the back of the box calls for (eggs, water, vegetable oil, etc)
- 1 Container creamy vanilla frosting
- Shredded coconut
- Yellow liquid food color
- Brown M&M's or baking chips(the eyes)
- Orange gumdrops (the beaks)

1. Bake cupcakes per box directions.

2. While cupcakes are in the oven, place the shredded coconut in a ziploc bag, add a few drops of the yellow food color, seal bag and shake to mix the coconut and food color until the coconut is yellow. Cut the orange gumdrops in the shape of a triangle to look like a beak.

3. Once cupcakes are done, let cool and apply vanilla frosting. Sprinkle the shredded coconut over the frosting, add two M&M's or baking chips as the eyes and one of the cut gumdrops as the beak.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

“Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” -Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada

So here it is. It's been months after my New Years Resolution was to blog more and my friends have literally been clawing at my face telling me to BLOG. A New Year's Resolution hasn't failed if you still complete it sometime in that year, right? Well, that's what I'm hoping for......

Thankfully winter is at our backs and spring is out in full bloom. Literally. Have you seen the floral print vomit that is covering Target apparel? I work right next to a Target so I frequent it Mon-Fri for my fill of iced coffee or iced green tea at Starbucks. When I pass by the clothing I can't help but many different variations of floral print on dresses and skirts can they come up with before it becomes over kill? I'll tell you they are already well on their way.....

So why all the Target talk? Well for 1. I really do love Target (although their spring wardrobe needs some spring cleaning) and 2. My dear friend Erin who lives literally in BFE (sorry Erin, but you do) emailed me today with a link to my blog telling me to blog because she needs my "cosmopolitan fabulousness," to inspire her out in the boondocks. And just to clarify- Erin moved for love, not because she was dying to live in the middle of nowhere. Anyways, theres no reason to not be fabulous out in the boondocks and I'm almost 99% positive she has a Target in somewhat close proximity of her boondock town, so here are a few of my fav items from the beauty aisles at Target- just for you, Erin...because the closest Sephora is like two states away. :)

1. Essie Nail Polish. LOVE LOVE LOVE these nail polishes. Try the color "Fifth Avenue" for a pretty red or "Mademoiselle" or "Sugar Daddy" for a girly pink. They also have some awesome shades of coral- perfect for spring and summer!

2. Cetaphil Face Cleanser and Daily Face Moisturizer. I think I have made it very clear in previous posts my obsession with Cetaphil. USE IT. DAILY. I promise you won't be disappointed.

3. Garnier Ultra-Lift Anti-Wrinkle Firming Eye Cream. I happened to buy this eye cream in a bind. I was out of my normal eye cream and I did not have time to make it to Sephora over the next few days (and I literally cannot go a day without eye cream), so I purchased this one. I didn't want to buy a more expensive one since my plan was to stop using it as soon as I could get to Sephora, but after the few days of using this one I stuck with it. It's awesome. And the price makes it even more awesome.

4. Got2b Glued: Styling Spiking Glue. Ok, now don't let the name fool you. I by no means spike my hair. But, my BF uses it for his hair and one day had really bad fly-aways I couldn't control. I tried just a tiny dab of it and it totally tamed my fly- aways. AND it lasts all day.

5. Clearasil Daily Pore Cleansing Pads. I recently went for a Bikini Wax and the woman told me to buy these and use daily on my bikini line to eliminate in-grown hairs. I asked her about the Bliss Ingrown Hair Eliminating Peeling Pads, but she said these do the same thing for a much cheaper price. And they do. I have not had one in-grown hair since using these. Of course, you can always use them on your face to help clean out your pores too ;)

6. E.L.F. Makeup. E.L.F. is a cheaper line, but has some fun stuff. Definitely try their Eyeshadow Duo's in fun, bright colors for spring/summer. ($ Save Tip: Splurge on classic eye shadow colors- browns, taupes, golds, greys, or darks since they are more practical for everyday wear and buy the cheaper brands -like E.L.F.- for the less practical fun bold, bright colors since you won't wear them as often).

7. Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit. I have actually dedicated a previous blog entry on this that includes "How-To" directions and tips! I use this to up keep my eyebrows without having to get them professionally done every one-two months. It's great, cheap and easy! And while I'm talking about Sally Hansen products....

8. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish. I like these because they are perfect for doing your nails in a rush. They really are insta-dry and with most colors you only need one coat!

9. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Bronzer. I normally wear MAC bronzers, but I always have this one in my makeup bag as well. I use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones on top of my bronzer on the weekends (I know, bronzer on bronzer...that sounds so Snooki), and it adds great shimmer which really accent cheekbones. Just be careful and apply with a light hand- there IS such thing as TOO MUCH shimmer bronzer.

10. Maybelline Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara in Blackest Black. I love this mascara....maybe its because I love applying it since the wand vibrates during application (before I go any further about the vibration and start sounding X-Rated, I'll move on.... ). Use your day to day mascara first as a base and apply this one on top to add extra length and to help separate lashes.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sometimes you need Motivation. My motivation? MIAMI.

I have 24 days- yes, 24 days to be bathing suit ready for a spur-of-the-moment trip I decided to take with some girlfriends to Miami. Am I freaking? Maybe a little....ok, yes I'm freaking A LOT. Over the past 2 months I have been terrible to my body by eating all the typical holiday food and not keeping up with the gym. Things are turning around TODAY. As I'm sure most of you have the same goal, or should I say- New Years Resolution to be healthier- I am going to share my plans to get back into shape with you all...without killing myself trying.

1. Start counting. I know it can be a disaster trying to count all the calories of everything you eat, but it's the only way to really control your intake. One of my girls told me about the MyFitness Pal application for Droid/iPhone which actually counts your calories for the day. It's a God send. Seriously. I've become addicted. You enter your height, age, weight, and how much you want to lose and it tells you how many daily calories you are allowed. AND- the best part about it- it's a FREE download. Upon entering your meals and snacks, it subtracts the calories from your daily count and tells you how many you have left. Totally awesome.

2. Hydrate. Drink Lots and lots of water. Add lemon to your water to help slim your waistline. They say you need 8 glasses of water a day. Aim for 8 if not more. If you have run out of calories for the day and are still hungry, fill yourself up with lemon water. Plus, water is GREAT for your skin :)

3. Cook. Eating at restaurants when you are trying to stay on track can be very tricky since you don't see for yourself whats added to the food. If you love to eat out, limit yourself to once or twice a week and opt for a healthier plate like grilled chicken or salmon. And yes, I'm no Rachel Ray and have caused a few kitchen fires in my time (Hell, I tried to make chocolate pretzel rods over Christmas and I ended up with a burned finger, a broken glass and a fire in the microwave....don't ask), but I have been slowly learning to cook so I have total control over what is added to my food. I visit sites like all the time to get recipes since I have NO clue on what foods to cook together...other than meat and potatoes...which I will not be making for awhile....

4. Commit to exercise. Now you don't have to do anything drastic and sign up for the Zumba Advanced or Body Pump with 50lb weights class since you think it will help you work harder. Starting off with a hard workout will just lead to frustration if you cannot complete the exercise and make you want to quit. Start out easy and work your way up the scale. I got this recommendation from and it totally made sense to me. If you have trouble going to the gym and exercising for 45min straight (I do, I get pissed on the treadmills when I'm about to hyperventilate at 20min running at 5.0 while the person next to me is running at 10.0 for 45min with NO problem. PSH- overachievers) then break up your exercise. Do 10-15 min of running/walking in the morning, a 10min walk at lunch time and then another 10-15min run/walk around dinner. This way you are not killing yourself in the gym and you are still getting exercise.

5. Leave the snacks on the shelf. In other words- DO NOT buy chips, ice cream, cookies, sweets, etc when you go grocery shopping. By not having them in the house, you will not be able to eat them if you get cravings. Stock your shelves with fruits, veggies, lean poultry, lean meat, whole wheat pasta and snacks like the mini-popcorn 100 calorie bags, rice cakes, cereal and hummus (delicious with veggies).

Of course, its with the help from girlfriends and that I have listed these tips, so thank you to various sources- you are my first step (and those who are reading) to help us get on track to a healthier lifestyle :) And you know, a healthy body = glowing skin.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

"You're Cut Off!"...and no, I don't mean hearing this from a bartender.

This afternoon I have been watching the TV show, You're Cut Off on VH1. I saw the preview for this show and I originally thought it was something different- more of a intervention type show- than what it really is. Think of 10 over the top spoiled chicks who are used to having 3 BMWs, a personal servant/chef, spending $10k on clothes a week and NEVER cleaning a day in their life....while being label sluts....x 100. THAT is this show. Ok, ok I can't talk too much because I love my labels too....but this is seriously a joke. I mean, the girls do not even know what a coupon book from a grocery store is. Yes, maybe it's not their fault for being brought up like this...but seriously, its sad. The point of the show is to teach them to clean, to save money and to write resumes to find a job to support themselves. Seriously? I've had a resume since I was 20 and in college.

In one of the episodes they are forced to bargain shop to teach them that its OK to not spend $3,000.00 on an outfit. Some of them learned something, but some didn't and their catty words talking about cheap clothes made me want to throw my remote at the TV. They even have a weekly award for the VIP- Very Improved Princess. Please, ladies- you are all Princesses in my eyes whether you are wearing a real diamond or a $10 cubic zirconia knockoff.

Ladies, let me tell you is NOT about having the best of the best, but having confidence while wearing it. You can have a $50 outfit and make it look like a million bucks by adding some accessories to it. While shopping at places like TJ Maxx, Marshalls or running to red line sales is where I have found some of my favorite pieces that can be worn over and over again. Plus, WHY spend full price when you can find it cheaper? That extra money can go to a new lip gloss, eyeliner or martinis.

Let me give you a bargain shopping secret- find your nearest TJ Maxx/Marshalls and find out their shipment day. The shipment day is when they get all their new stuff and if you go this day, you can get all the new things while its still there. Growing up, my mom and I would go to TJ Maxx almost every Tuesday because we found out thats when all the new things came in. Next, sign up for your favorite stores emails so you can see when they are having mind blowing sales. Bloomies and I have a great relationship when it comes to sales. By singing up for emails, not only will you get updates of new apparel and sales, but you will get coupons too. I have definitely benefited from being on the Sephora, Nine West, Bloomies, Nordstrom, Banana Republic and Express mailing lists. Also if you are located near an outlet mall, sign up for their promotions and be ready for holiday weekends, when the prices really come down!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

"‎Do not allow people to dim your shine because they are blinded. Tell them to put on some sunglasses, cuz we were born this way bitch!" Lady Gaga

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had beautiful holidays and made some awesome New Years Resolutions. Mine is to BLOG more, despite my crazy busy schedule.

So I was browsing some Lady Gaga quotes and I came across the one above...I want to say it's from her new album coming out soon since it's title is "Born This Way," but I'm not positive. Anyways, I read it and it made me think of people who have put me down in the past- bad friends, x-boyfriends, or haters. Yes haters. We all know some. Anyways I really took a liking to this quote because its true- why change yourself or feel bad about yourself because someone else is intimidated or jealous of you? You SHOULDN'T. Be like Lady Gaga and tell them to get some sunglasses and get used to the shine because that's who you are- you were born that way. BAM.

Ok, so after that Girl Power-esque moment I'll get back to blogging about today's topic. One of my dear friends who I barely get to see because she lives in Boston (and happens to share my love of the book Bergdorf Blondes), asked me what the top 10 items a girl should have are, all while considering public transportation that includes to/from work in the freezing cold. Well ask and you shall receive:

1. One great pair of jeans- you always need a great pair of jeans. Boot cut is always in style and you can wear them with heels, tucked into boots, sandals, chucks, flats, etc. Some other styles of jeans are harder to wear with all shoe types, but boot cut is always a good cut. Also, if you didn't learn anything from my previous post, AVOID stonewashed jeans. A darker denim is great. Affordable jeans: Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic, or I.N.C have great sales where you can buy great quality jeans without dropping a small fortune.

2. A nice pair of flats- flats are an essential. They are wearable for Happy Hour, the weekend, shopping, walking to/from work (switching into heels at work- I do it all the time!), you get the picture. You'll want a solid color- black/brown always work depending on what color you wear more. Affordable flats: Aldo has a great shoe selection and has sales. I still own a pair of 3 year old black flats from there that cost me $40 and they are STILL in great condition. If you are willing to spend a little more, invest in a pair of Tory Burch flats. While they are more expensive, they will last you years and one you have them broken in, you can wear them for HOURS. Just don't wear them in the rain, because I nearly ruined a pair in torrential down pour...which brings to number 3...

3. Rain boots/Snow boots- they keep you DRY! I have written in previous entries about rain boots. They are fabulous and a must-have, especially for all you ladies who have to deal with crappy weather in public transportation. The good thing about rain boots too is you can wear them in not only rain, but snow and slush. If you live in an area that gets more snow, definitely invest in a pair of snow boots instead. Affordable rain boots: I'll be honest with you all, my rain boots are from Target and cost me $30. They are awesome. Also look at places like Laila Rowe, I have some friends who have bought rain boots there and cost around the same amount. Hunter rain boots are really big right now too, so if you have the money to spend on them ($125 for the original) then by all means do so. They also come with the socks you can buy- so if you have a solid color boot you can spice them up with cute designs from the sock since it peeps out of the top of the boot!

4. A great skirt or trouser pant and blazer- hello, every professional MUST own a trouser pant or skirt that can be paired with a matching blazer, but must have the ability to be worn separately too. You will get more wear out of both pieces if you buy them in a solid color- black/navy/brown/tan- so you can mix and match with other pieces from your closet. Affordable suits: New York & Co always has sales- ALWAYS. They have a good selection of sizes too and sell them as separates so you can get a great fit. Sometimes the suits that come together don't fit as well as mix/match since so many of us have issues with a larger chest/smaller bottom half or vice versa!

5. Classic pump- in either black or brown (again, depending on what color you wear more). You should own a classic pump that can be worn with jeans, dress pants, a skirt, dresses, etc. Affordable pumps: Nine West. They have amazing pumps that are timeless, last for a while and are comfortable (thats a winner in my book). Sign up to get emails from Nine West promotions- I got 2 pairs of shoes on sale once for $40! Yes, TWO pairs! They have great sales and an awesome outlet store too if you can find one by you!

6.A Longchamp purse - yes, I know they are $150, but this bag is WORTH it. I promise you. Out of all the designer bags I own (yes, I'll gloat a little, but only because I am OBSESSED with my purses), My large black on black Longchamp is one of my favorites. It is perfect for toting around tons of stuff and great for traveling. If it gets dirty, you can easily wipe it down with a wet wash cloth and did I mention it holds a TON of stuff? This is great for all you dealing with public transportation- big enough for all your normal things PLUS a book to read, your heels (if wearing your flats on the commute) and your breakfast/lunch all while looking great on your shoulder. Find them at Nordstrom, Bloomies or online.

7. Cold weather gear- Scarves, gloves, hat, etc. If you are going to be standing outside waiting for a bus in subzero temperatures, you NEED heavy duty gloves, a thick scarf and hat. Affordable weather gear: look at places like Macys for gloves, scarves and hats. They usually have them on sale too.

8. A warm coat or jacket. Find one in black/brown or a jewel color, like purple, royal blue or emerald green. I have a purple coat I got from Ann Taylor 2 years ago and I LOVE it. I wear it more than my black coat! Opt for a longer hem if you are going to be dealing with the cold a lot. A knee-length is good and if you wear a lot of skirts, try for a mid-calf or ankle length. Affordable coats: Victorias Secret catalogue or online, department store sales, TJ Maxx. I have found coats before at all of these places for a good price.

9. A LBD- the Little Black dress. Everyone one needs one. You can wear a LBD in SO many ways- you can wear it with fun shoes and tights, with statement pieces, with a blazer or tuxedo jacket, with a leather jacket and boots for rocker look- the list goes on and on. Affordable LBDs: SALES at places like Macy's, Bloomies or other department stores. Also you can look in Forever 21 for cheap finds!

10. A pair of flat or low-heel tall boots. These boots will keep you warm, and if they are flat you can wear them with ease in public transportation. There are tons of styles to choose from, and right now they are very in style. Affordable boots: DSW and Nine West both have great selection. I bought a pair of over the knee boots from Bloomies for $130 on sale and I have been living in them this winter. They are great with tights, leggings, skirts, jeans- and if they aren't too racy, you can wear them to work!

These are all just the staple pieces. Remember ACCESSORIES and SHOES. My friend in Boston said there is a huge hipster population, so she needs to fit in with that also. Vanessa, buy accessories to fit in with this style,'s not going to last forever so theres no use in spending the money on them, when you could put the money towards actual statement pieces you need. Buy a studded skinny belt you can wear with jeans or put around your LBD (I've seen some at Target). You can always add a scarf, a statement necklace, polka-dot tights or a cool pair of shoes be it boots or chucks to your look.