Thursday, January 6, 2011

"‎Do not allow people to dim your shine because they are blinded. Tell them to put on some sunglasses, cuz we were born this way bitch!" Lady Gaga

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had beautiful holidays and made some awesome New Years Resolutions. Mine is to BLOG more, despite my crazy busy schedule.

So I was browsing some Lady Gaga quotes and I came across the one above...I want to say it's from her new album coming out soon since it's title is "Born This Way," but I'm not positive. Anyways, I read it and it made me think of people who have put me down in the past- bad friends, x-boyfriends, or haters. Yes haters. We all know some. Anyways I really took a liking to this quote because its true- why change yourself or feel bad about yourself because someone else is intimidated or jealous of you? You SHOULDN'T. Be like Lady Gaga and tell them to get some sunglasses and get used to the shine because that's who you are- you were born that way. BAM.

Ok, so after that Girl Power-esque moment I'll get back to blogging about today's topic. One of my dear friends who I barely get to see because she lives in Boston (and happens to share my love of the book Bergdorf Blondes), asked me what the top 10 items a girl should have are, all while considering public transportation that includes to/from work in the freezing cold. Well ask and you shall receive:

1. One great pair of jeans- you always need a great pair of jeans. Boot cut is always in style and you can wear them with heels, tucked into boots, sandals, chucks, flats, etc. Some other styles of jeans are harder to wear with all shoe types, but boot cut is always a good cut. Also, if you didn't learn anything from my previous post, AVOID stonewashed jeans. A darker denim is great. Affordable jeans: Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic, or I.N.C have great sales where you can buy great quality jeans without dropping a small fortune.

2. A nice pair of flats- flats are an essential. They are wearable for Happy Hour, the weekend, shopping, walking to/from work (switching into heels at work- I do it all the time!), you get the picture. You'll want a solid color- black/brown always work depending on what color you wear more. Affordable flats: Aldo has a great shoe selection and has sales. I still own a pair of 3 year old black flats from there that cost me $40 and they are STILL in great condition. If you are willing to spend a little more, invest in a pair of Tory Burch flats. While they are more expensive, they will last you years and one you have them broken in, you can wear them for HOURS. Just don't wear them in the rain, because I nearly ruined a pair in torrential down pour...which brings to number 3...

3. Rain boots/Snow boots- they keep you DRY! I have written in previous entries about rain boots. They are fabulous and a must-have, especially for all you ladies who have to deal with crappy weather in public transportation. The good thing about rain boots too is you can wear them in not only rain, but snow and slush. If you live in an area that gets more snow, definitely invest in a pair of snow boots instead. Affordable rain boots: I'll be honest with you all, my rain boots are from Target and cost me $30. They are awesome. Also look at places like Laila Rowe, I have some friends who have bought rain boots there and cost around the same amount. Hunter rain boots are really big right now too, so if you have the money to spend on them ($125 for the original) then by all means do so. They also come with the socks you can buy- so if you have a solid color boot you can spice them up with cute designs from the sock since it peeps out of the top of the boot!

4. A great skirt or trouser pant and blazer- hello, every professional MUST own a trouser pant or skirt that can be paired with a matching blazer, but must have the ability to be worn separately too. You will get more wear out of both pieces if you buy them in a solid color- black/navy/brown/tan- so you can mix and match with other pieces from your closet. Affordable suits: New York & Co always has sales- ALWAYS. They have a good selection of sizes too and sell them as separates so you can get a great fit. Sometimes the suits that come together don't fit as well as mix/match since so many of us have issues with a larger chest/smaller bottom half or vice versa!

5. Classic pump- in either black or brown (again, depending on what color you wear more). You should own a classic pump that can be worn with jeans, dress pants, a skirt, dresses, etc. Affordable pumps: Nine West. They have amazing pumps that are timeless, last for a while and are comfortable (thats a winner in my book). Sign up to get emails from Nine West promotions- I got 2 pairs of shoes on sale once for $40! Yes, TWO pairs! They have great sales and an awesome outlet store too if you can find one by you!

6.A Longchamp purse - yes, I know they are $150, but this bag is WORTH it. I promise you. Out of all the designer bags I own (yes, I'll gloat a little, but only because I am OBSESSED with my purses), My large black on black Longchamp is one of my favorites. It is perfect for toting around tons of stuff and great for traveling. If it gets dirty, you can easily wipe it down with a wet wash cloth and did I mention it holds a TON of stuff? This is great for all you dealing with public transportation- big enough for all your normal things PLUS a book to read, your heels (if wearing your flats on the commute) and your breakfast/lunch all while looking great on your shoulder. Find them at Nordstrom, Bloomies or online.

7. Cold weather gear- Scarves, gloves, hat, etc. If you are going to be standing outside waiting for a bus in subzero temperatures, you NEED heavy duty gloves, a thick scarf and hat. Affordable weather gear: look at places like Macys for gloves, scarves and hats. They usually have them on sale too.

8. A warm coat or jacket. Find one in black/brown or a jewel color, like purple, royal blue or emerald green. I have a purple coat I got from Ann Taylor 2 years ago and I LOVE it. I wear it more than my black coat! Opt for a longer hem if you are going to be dealing with the cold a lot. A knee-length is good and if you wear a lot of skirts, try for a mid-calf or ankle length. Affordable coats: Victorias Secret catalogue or online, department store sales, TJ Maxx. I have found coats before at all of these places for a good price.

9. A LBD- the Little Black dress. Everyone one needs one. You can wear a LBD in SO many ways- you can wear it with fun shoes and tights, with statement pieces, with a blazer or tuxedo jacket, with a leather jacket and boots for rocker look- the list goes on and on. Affordable LBDs: SALES at places like Macy's, Bloomies or other department stores. Also you can look in Forever 21 for cheap finds!

10. A pair of flat or low-heel tall boots. These boots will keep you warm, and if they are flat you can wear them with ease in public transportation. There are tons of styles to choose from, and right now they are very in style. Affordable boots: DSW and Nine West both have great selection. I bought a pair of over the knee boots from Bloomies for $130 on sale and I have been living in them this winter. They are great with tights, leggings, skirts, jeans- and if they aren't too racy, you can wear them to work!

These are all just the staple pieces. Remember ACCESSORIES and SHOES. My friend in Boston said there is a huge hipster population, so she needs to fit in with that also. Vanessa, buy accessories to fit in with this style,'s not going to last forever so theres no use in spending the money on them, when you could put the money towards actual statement pieces you need. Buy a studded skinny belt you can wear with jeans or put around your LBD (I've seen some at Target). You can always add a scarf, a statement necklace, polka-dot tights or a cool pair of shoes be it boots or chucks to your look.


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