Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Can you think of anything worse?"- Charlotte, "Stone washed jeans and a matching jacket!" - Anthony, Sex and the City

At the airport last week I saw a mess...and I can't even classify it as a hot mess, but more like a disaster of a mess. When boarding my plane I saw a woman wearing a long, flared jean skirt, a jean vest (both stonewashed) and a frilly white button down underneath the vest. I was unable to look at the shoes...which is probably in my best interest. I wasn't sure whether to feel bad for Ms Dolly Parton wannabe or to run up to her and shake some sense into her. To avoid being tackled by airport security, I decided to feel sorry for her. She took the term "Canadian Tuxedo" to a "Canadian Gown," since she had on a skirt. Do they even still make long jean skirts?

So on my way home from San Diego I was reading a magazine and it says that jean on jean is acceptable...yeah, maybe for models on the runway, but in the real world, I don't think it's ok. There is a time an a place for jean on jean and that is at the Dixie Stampede or at the County Fair...NOT for going out to a fabulous party or to board a plane!

I own a great jean jacket from J. Crew, but there is the right time to wear it- like with a floral or linen skirt or dress. You can also pair the jean jacket with a sequins mini and it would look fab! Just use a feminine piece to pair the jacket with- the contrast of the feminine and denim is fierce. Take Rachel Bilson for example below. Since it's winter, add tights and your golden!

A few tips for jean jackets:
1. I personally prefer darker denim, but if wearing it with linen or floral you can use a lighter denim as well.
2. Make sure it's FITTED. There is nothing worse than a boxy jean jacket. NO NO NO. It MUST be fitted.
3. Look at places like J. Crew, GAP, Banana Republic who specialize in items like this. Usually their styles are timeless. My J. Crew jacket is from 2002- I guess I can call it vintage now ;)
4. NO cropped jean jackets. You want it to be snug and hit right at your waist.


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