Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh Baby, Baby!

One day last week I decided my next blog would be about one of the simplest, cheapest items you can find ANYWHERE that can be used for numerous things. What is it? Baby Powder.

It started when I couldn't wash my hair last week for 4 horrible days so baby powder became my best friend (other than headbands) since it helps to take the oil out of your hair if you don't have time to wash it. After I sprinkled it in my hair, I sprinkled some in my flats so that they wouldn't stick to my feet or make them sweat. Baby powder is a fantastic product that can help not only your beauty regimine, but even your bed! Read on:

10 Uses of Baby Powder:
1. To give day old hair a lift, sprinkle it into your roots. It will dry up some of the oil and even add a little bit of body back into your hair.

2. If you have a pair of shoes you love, but they stick to your feet or make your feet sweat (gross), sprinkle some baby powder into them. Problem solved! I use baby powder in flats and even in a pair of my work shoes to avoid making them sweat.

3. Sprinkle baby powder on your inner thighs to avoid chafing when it's super hot outside.

4. My aunt found this trick awhile ago- if you are going for a french manicure look on your nails, rubbing baby powder under your nails will make them white. This way you only need to apply a clear coat to your nail to get the look! Painting white tips on your own nails is very difficult and doesn't last too long.

5. If you are getting your eyebrows waxed, but have VERY sensitive skin (like me) and want to "punch the wax lady in the face," after getting your eyebrows waxed (like one of my coworkers says), have them rub baby powder on the skin around your eyebrow that's getting waxed. It will help ease the pain. I learned this from a lady at my hair salon. She used this trick on me and it worked!

6. Use baby powder as deodeorant if you have run out of it and don't have time to run to the closest drugstore before you need to be somewhere.

7. Sprinkle some baby powder on a knot in a necklace to help untangle it. Rub a nickel over the knot to help it work itself out. This trick works every time- even if you don't have baby powder.

8. If it is a really hot night, spread baby powder in between your sheets to avoid waking up sticky and sweaty in your sheets- it absorbs perspiration.

9. Get grease stains out of clothing by pouring baby powder on the stain, rub in and shake excess powder off. Repeat until the stain is gone.

10. Shake off excess sand from the beach by sprinkling baby powder over sand covered legs/feet. Let the powder sit and then brush the sand off.

If any of you ladies have additional uses for baby powder, please leave comments!!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Makeup Show feedback

This past Sunday I spent the day in NYC at The Makeup Show! It was FABULOUS and I saw some really cool new products and have decided my next makeup purchase will be a Airbrush Kit (YES!).

There were SO many makeup vendors and it was so packed that it was like a makeup overload and I found myself with a huge bag full of makeup and brochures before I could even say the word "makeup."

In addition to buying a TON of professional makeup you can't get many places, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Dany Sanz, creator of the Make Up For Ever line that I absolutely ADORE! She is a TRUE makeup icon- what an honor it was to meet her!!!

One thing that really stood out to me was a vendor named "Paperself Eyelashes," that sells unique false eyelahes that have the design of a horse, peach bloosm and peonies on them. I did not buy any, but I wish I had now. I know, you are wondering where you'd wear them, but if anything just go on the website to admire the design and they could be worn for a fun night out, if you dare ;) Each design has a different meaning, too.

Some other hot items I saw was some of Make Up For Ever's new products. They have a new AQUA CREAM which is a waterproof cream color that can be worn on your eyes, lips and cheeks. The colors are amazing and they really go on your skin looking as they do in their containers. The other biggie was their High Definition Blush- which is a liquid blush you apply to your cheeks and it looks gorgeous on. It is a more subtle look and looks more natural than powder blushes. You can find Make Up For Ever at any Sephora or online.


"How can I control my life when I can't control my hair?" -Author Unknown

That's a GREAT question that I'm currently wondering myself. Seriously, I am getting my hair done on Thursday evening and since instead of highlights I'm doing an all over dye job (yes, my obsession w/my hair has gotten this far that I'm stepping it up a notch), my dear hair dresser has told me I cannot wash my hair for 4-5 days before going in there. Say WHAT?

Yes, ladies...a whole 4 days with unwashed hair. I'm only on day 2 and I'm a mess. You have no idea how badly I cringe when I look at my greasy roots in the mirror, so I have decided to avoid them all together if I can. It's so bad that I skipped out on a happy hour this evening because of my awful looking mess that I call my hair.

All this "creative" thinking on what to do to my hair to NOT make it look like a bag lady (who just took off her beanie for the first time in 2 weeks) made me think to blog about this for any ladies who may go through the same thing....or maybe just an idea in case you oversleep for work one morning and don't have time to shower.

To take the greasy look out of your hair, use a dry shampoo or rub baby powder into your roots. You hair will smell like baby powder all day (or for 4 days in my case), but it can hold you over if you are in a bind. It will also bring some body back into your hair if it went flat.

If you have curly hair, you are blessed. Wear it curly and throw on a headband to smooth down any fly-aways near your face. If you have stick straight hair like me, wear a headband to hide the greasy roots and tease your hair up around the headband. If you buy the headbands that are elastic all around, these work well because they make a small bump in your hair since they fit tighter around your head. If you have really thick hair, you can probably get away with straightening it to fix any kinks and wearing it down.

If your hair is just not looking good- wear it in a low bun or ponytail with a headband. Thankfully this is a look a lot of women are doing now, so it is stylish. In fact, I think this is how I will wear mine tomorrow.

Find headbands at places like: J. Crew, Forever 21, H&M, Express and Anthropologie.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Makeup Show: NYC

Ladies, I will be NYC bound tomorrow to attend The Makeup Show! I hope to come back with some new ideas and new makeup tips to share with each one of you!

In the meantime, I'll leave you with a tip on applying foundation/concealer to large pores. If you are blessed with small pores, be VERY happy. I have large pores and I try my hardest to hide them...ugh.

When applying concealer or foundation to an area of your face that has large pores, it's best to apply it with your fingertip over a brush. The brush may make it go on heavier which can clog them. Also I have found when you apply it with your finger, it covers more of the pore than when you do so with a brush.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Intense" Inner Rim

Last Friday I was at Sephora getting some last minute makeup for the wedding I was doing makeup for on Saturday and I started up a conversation with a Sephora regional rep about some mascara.

When he saw how into mascara and eye liner I was, he showed me this eye liner by Guerlain that is GREAT for lining the inner rim of your eye. It's called Terracotta Khôl Kajal Intense Indian Kohl ($35). One of the ladies who worked at Sephora tried it on and I was hooked. It lines the rim perfectly, unlike some regular pencil eye liners.

Here's the thing: it's Limited Edition and exclusive to Sephora. There were only 2 left in the store when I bought mine. So, if you are a eye liner junkie, you NEED this product and can get it online at Sephora. It can also be used as regular eye liner, espically to create a smoky look. I recommend it for the bottom lash line inner rim.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Look good on the go!

So you are at work and you get invited to a last minute Happy Hour. You slightly panic, because you have no time to go home and you NEED to do a refresh of the makeup you applied 8+ hours ago.

It has happened to me before, and me being so vain, I have actually turned down invites to HH simply because I didn't have time to go home to fix my "work" face. I know, pathetic...but hey, when makeup is your obsession, your plans revolve around it.

The key to this problem is to carry a small cosmetic case in your purse so you are ready for anything at anytime. You don't need a lot- in fact you can either move your lotions to smaller containers or buy your products travel-sized.

Here are the key items I carry in my purse:

1. Hand lotion- this can be used not only for moisturizing your hands, but for your legs or arms if you forgot to lotion up in the morning and found a dry patch OR if in a bind, you can put on your face to sooth dry skin. It can also be used on your hair to tame fly aways. Rub a small dot between your hands and apply. You do NOT need a lot if putting into your hair. Too much will look greasy.

2. Lip Balm- this is good to keep your lips moisturized throughout the day- espically after you eat. No one wants to go out w/chapped dry lips...and they don't look good either!

3. Eye Liner- to reapply or fix any smudges you may have gotten throughout the day. The clean line will make your eyes look fresh.

4. Mascara- I carry the travel-sized Fresh Supernova (buy at Sephora for $10 for two) to reapply a coat before going out. After the eye liner fix, you'll need to fix mascara too.

5. Lip liner*- to add color to your lips. You can add shine over it with the lip balm.

6. Blush*- to bring out some color on your face.

7. Matte Powder- to take away any shine that has appeared throughout the day.

8. Perfume- carry a travel-sized bottle and spray a little to refresh the scent you applied that morning.

*You can buy an all-in-one color stick to save space and not carry as many products to use on your eyes, cheeks and lips. Nars The Multiple in Orgasm is great. Find at Sephora for $38.


Monday, May 3, 2010

"He knows just how I like my martini - full of alcohol." -Homer Simpson

It has happened to all of us...the dreaded hangover after too many martini's. Not only do hangover's leave you feeling miserable, but they leave you looking a hot mess too. In attempts to pull my life together after having drank one too many sour apple martini's one night, I have found a few things to do to help make you feel like you look somewhat better.....although the only cure to a hangover is to lay in a dark room and sleep all day.

First things first- drink water when you go out on the town. When you alternate having water in between drinks, it helps you to stay somewhat hydrated which will help you the next morning.

When I wake up feeling less than perfect- these are the tools and tricks I use to put me back on my feet and look like a normal human being.

1- Take a COLD shower. It wakes you up. The heat from hot water will just make you feel more fatigued.

2- Brush your teeth and rinse with mouth wash- as many times as you need to before your mouth doesn't taste like stale alcohol (gross!).

3- MOISTURIZE! Load up on the moisturizer. Being hungover leaves your skin (well at least my skin) completely dry and looking pale. Try to use tinted moisturizer to add a healthy glow to your dull looking skin.

4- USE CONCEALER! Apply to take away under eye bags.

5- Apply mascara to wake your eyes up.

6- Put on some blush and bronzer for more color.

7- Cure your chapped lips by putting on a good chap stick- like DCT or Blistex.

8- Throughout the day, spray your face with Evian Facial Spray- it's very refreshing and great for dry skin. You can buy a 2-pack of Evian at Sephora for $12.

9- DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT spray perfume on yourself. There's something about being hungover and a strong scent that make you feel terrible. I have literally had to rub my wrists under water in the sink to try to get it off because the smell was making me nauseous!

9- Just in case the above still have not left you feeling somewhat better, carry a big pair of sunglasses with you...and wear as needed.