Monday, May 3, 2010

"He knows just how I like my martini - full of alcohol." -Homer Simpson

It has happened to all of us...the dreaded hangover after too many martini's. Not only do hangover's leave you feeling miserable, but they leave you looking a hot mess too. In attempts to pull my life together after having drank one too many sour apple martini's one night, I have found a few things to do to help make you feel like you look somewhat better.....although the only cure to a hangover is to lay in a dark room and sleep all day.

First things first- drink water when you go out on the town. When you alternate having water in between drinks, it helps you to stay somewhat hydrated which will help you the next morning.

When I wake up feeling less than perfect- these are the tools and tricks I use to put me back on my feet and look like a normal human being.

1- Take a COLD shower. It wakes you up. The heat from hot water will just make you feel more fatigued.

2- Brush your teeth and rinse with mouth wash- as many times as you need to before your mouth doesn't taste like stale alcohol (gross!).

3- MOISTURIZE! Load up on the moisturizer. Being hungover leaves your skin (well at least my skin) completely dry and looking pale. Try to use tinted moisturizer to add a healthy glow to your dull looking skin.

4- USE CONCEALER! Apply to take away under eye bags.

5- Apply mascara to wake your eyes up.

6- Put on some blush and bronzer for more color.

7- Cure your chapped lips by putting on a good chap stick- like DCT or Blistex.

8- Throughout the day, spray your face with Evian Facial Spray- it's very refreshing and great for dry skin. You can buy a 2-pack of Evian at Sephora for $12.

9- DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT spray perfume on yourself. There's something about being hungover and a strong scent that make you feel terrible. I have literally had to rub my wrists under water in the sink to try to get it off because the smell was making me nauseous!

9- Just in case the above still have not left you feeling somewhat better, carry a big pair of sunglasses with you...and wear as needed.


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