Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"How can I control my life when I can't control my hair?" -Author Unknown

That's a GREAT question that I'm currently wondering myself. Seriously, I am getting my hair done on Thursday evening and since instead of highlights I'm doing an all over dye job (yes, my obsession w/my hair has gotten this far that I'm stepping it up a notch), my dear hair dresser has told me I cannot wash my hair for 4-5 days before going in there. Say WHAT?

Yes, ladies...a whole 4 days with unwashed hair. I'm only on day 2 and I'm a mess. You have no idea how badly I cringe when I look at my greasy roots in the mirror, so I have decided to avoid them all together if I can. It's so bad that I skipped out on a happy hour this evening because of my awful looking mess that I call my hair.

All this "creative" thinking on what to do to my hair to NOT make it look like a bag lady (who just took off her beanie for the first time in 2 weeks) made me think to blog about this for any ladies who may go through the same thing....or maybe just an idea in case you oversleep for work one morning and don't have time to shower.

To take the greasy look out of your hair, use a dry shampoo or rub baby powder into your roots. You hair will smell like baby powder all day (or for 4 days in my case), but it can hold you over if you are in a bind. It will also bring some body back into your hair if it went flat.

If you have curly hair, you are blessed. Wear it curly and throw on a headband to smooth down any fly-aways near your face. If you have stick straight hair like me, wear a headband to hide the greasy roots and tease your hair up around the headband. If you buy the headbands that are elastic all around, these work well because they make a small bump in your hair since they fit tighter around your head. If you have really thick hair, you can probably get away with straightening it to fix any kinks and wearing it down.

If your hair is just not looking good- wear it in a low bun or ponytail with a headband. Thankfully this is a look a lot of women are doing now, so it is stylish. In fact, I think this is how I will wear mine tomorrow.

Find headbands at places like: J. Crew, Forever 21, H&M, Express and Anthropologie.


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