Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh Baby, Baby!

One day last week I decided my next blog would be about one of the simplest, cheapest items you can find ANYWHERE that can be used for numerous things. What is it? Baby Powder.

It started when I couldn't wash my hair last week for 4 horrible days so baby powder became my best friend (other than headbands) since it helps to take the oil out of your hair if you don't have time to wash it. After I sprinkled it in my hair, I sprinkled some in my flats so that they wouldn't stick to my feet or make them sweat. Baby powder is a fantastic product that can help not only your beauty regimine, but even your bed! Read on:

10 Uses of Baby Powder:
1. To give day old hair a lift, sprinkle it into your roots. It will dry up some of the oil and even add a little bit of body back into your hair.

2. If you have a pair of shoes you love, but they stick to your feet or make your feet sweat (gross), sprinkle some baby powder into them. Problem solved! I use baby powder in flats and even in a pair of my work shoes to avoid making them sweat.

3. Sprinkle baby powder on your inner thighs to avoid chafing when it's super hot outside.

4. My aunt found this trick awhile ago- if you are going for a french manicure look on your nails, rubbing baby powder under your nails will make them white. This way you only need to apply a clear coat to your nail to get the look! Painting white tips on your own nails is very difficult and doesn't last too long.

5. If you are getting your eyebrows waxed, but have VERY sensitive skin (like me) and want to "punch the wax lady in the face," after getting your eyebrows waxed (like one of my coworkers says), have them rub baby powder on the skin around your eyebrow that's getting waxed. It will help ease the pain. I learned this from a lady at my hair salon. She used this trick on me and it worked!

6. Use baby powder as deodeorant if you have run out of it and don't have time to run to the closest drugstore before you need to be somewhere.

7. Sprinkle some baby powder on a knot in a necklace to help untangle it. Rub a nickel over the knot to help it work itself out. This trick works every time- even if you don't have baby powder.

8. If it is a really hot night, spread baby powder in between your sheets to avoid waking up sticky and sweaty in your sheets- it absorbs perspiration.

9. Get grease stains out of clothing by pouring baby powder on the stain, rub in and shake excess powder off. Repeat until the stain is gone.

10. Shake off excess sand from the beach by sprinkling baby powder over sand covered legs/feet. Let the powder sit and then brush the sand off.

If any of you ladies have additional uses for baby powder, please leave comments!!


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