Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"When in doubt, wear red." -Bill Blass

This weekend will be filled with Holiday parties- work, friends, family, neighbors- and every year there always seems to be that unfortunate person who either over- dresses, under-dresses, or worse...wears something that they think is appropriate, but definitely isn't (ahem, tacky sweaters for one...). Read and heed the below....these are just my thoughts, but I'd listen to me if I were you. I'd hate to say "I told you so!"

The DONT'S of Holiday Parties:
1. Know your audience. If you are going to a work, family, or boyfriend's family holiday party, you MUST look classy. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT think dressing like a hoochie mama will be in your best interest. You want something classic and something that doesn't scream "Look at me!"- it's not the place or the time for the mini dress that you can barely breathe or sit in. Anything with a short hemline, low-cut chest, or is back-less is off limits. Save that for New Years Eve.

2. DO NOT wear a casual jacket with party attire. I cannot STAND this look. How terrible is it getting all dressing up in a fabulous sequins dress and then throwing on a North Face fleece as the jacket? Never do this- no one can pull off this look. If you are dressing up, wear a nice jacket, shawl or cape.

3. Remember why "Tacky Sweater Parties" exist...because they are a JOKE. Unless you are a 3rd grade teacher, circa 1995, holiday sweaters are a NO-NO. I even avoid tacky sweater parties so I don't have to be seen in public with one. Ouch, what an eye sore.

4. Holiday accessories- Santa hats, Reindeer antlers, jingle bell necklaces. All a NO. You don't want to look like you are working at the local mall as Santa or one of his elves. This look cannot be pulled off....unless you are under then age of 10.

5. Season appropriate shoes. It is DECEMBER. When I think of December I think of snow, cold, fireplaces and hot chocolate. No where in my thoughts are flip-flops, open toed shoes/sandals with tights (barf!), white shoes (unless they are winter white), or wedges with cork bottoms- I could go on and on about this. Point is, unless you live somewhere along the Tropic of Cancer, summer shoes are out of the question. A pair of classic black, red or metallic pumps are perfect. Another option is booties- I have been living in a black suede pair I bought about a month ago. They are very in style and chic. If you do plan to wear open toed shoes...make sure your toenails are maintained and nicely painted, we all know winter is not the typical time for pedicures, and no one wants to see nasty feet before they eat!

The DO'S of Holiday Parties:
1. Color and Metallics. Like Bill Blass says, when in doubt wear red. Red, Gold, or Silver can make a gorgeous holiday dress that is not the typical black. I LOVE sequins too. INC at Macy's has some great silver and gold sequins dresses for under $100.00!! Just don't over-do it on the sequins and look like a wannabe Vegas show girl. If you decide on a sequins dress, keep your shoes, accessories and clutch very simple (and NOT sequins) since the dress is the main attraction.

2. Accessories. If you decide to recycle a dress or wear something black, spice it up with a big necklace, bangles, shiny, dangle earrings, or a big cocktail ring. This is the season of SPARKLE- so wear some! Just be smart about it- if you wear a statement necklace, wear small earrings. No reason to blind everyone with TOO much sparkle! Aldo Accessories are some of my fav!

3. Mix and match. If you do find the perfect red dress, don't go out and buy red shoes and a red clutch. Mix it with some metallic pumps and a fun studded or print clutch. Again, Aldo has some great shoes and clutches. Nine West is another great option.

4. Fur (and before PETA comes after me w/a burning torch- no, it doesn't have to be real). When else can you get away with wearing fur? Find a fur stole, scarf or gloves with fur at the cuffs to dress up your holiday attire! I've seen some really pretty ones at J. Crew and Ann Taylor.

5. Makeup and nails! Try a smokey eye, gold eye shadow or red lips. If you go with smokey eyes, wear a light gloss or nude shade on your lips. Stila has a Smokey Eye Palette that's fab ($40 at Sephora or Ulta). If you decide to be bold and wear red lipstick, keep the eyes very simple- you do not want to look like a clown. A thin line of eyeliner and some mascara is all you'll need for that look. Also, have a fresh coat of nail polish on...chips are best to be left for dip on the appetizer table.



  1. I LOVE THIS POST! Such great suggestions and so tactfully done :)

  2. haha chips are best to be left for dip!! haha love it and love the advice.