Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where the Water Runs DRY

So much for having a smart phone....I tried to blog while I was on my work trip to San Diego, I really did, but trying to blog on my phone was a little aggravating- first I couldn't edit something without deleting everything since the cursor was non existent and second, I couldn't spell check...and I NEED spell check. Hello, I use Microsoft Outlook like everyday and it corrects words FOR you. Needless to say, I NEED spell check in my life.

So I've decided I LOVE LA, but don't like San Diego...well, maybe not all of San Diego since I haven't been to the good spots- like Imperial Beach and La Jolla, but I must say the Gaslamp Quarter is like a higher quality Bourbon Street....which isn't saying much. Not to mention it rained the whole time, it and was cold AND the water in my hotel room made my hair dry and made my face break out. I CAN'T handle that. I was ready to leave after one night.

Since I couldn't up and leave because the water was making my hair dry and my skin break out (I work will all men- they just wouldn't understand) I had to deal with it and decided as soon as I got home I was going to buy a new face mask to fix my poor skin that was hating me. That and a new hair conditioner since a bird decided to poo in my hair....in front of all my coworkers and foreign VIPs....INSIDE a restaurant. Needless to say I was mortified. And then I got lectured later by my boss about being "too dramatic" about a bird taking a dump on my head. And I even toned down the "drama." Trust me, with how dramatic I am...it could have been A LOT worse. And I wish I could say "Hey, now I have a beauty cure for if a bird thinks your hair is a toilet," but I don't....other than to go home immediately and wash your hair....thrice (Yes, Tabby- that was just for you).

So anyways, yesterday I went to Sephora to find a new face mask. I have had my eye on the Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask by Bliss ($52) so I decided to buy it....along with some new makeup primer (Make Up For Ever in 1), nail polish and hand cream. When I got home and washed my face to put on the mask, I was expecting something totally different than what it was. It pumps out and is a very light peach color, you rub it onto your face and it starts to foam so it looks like you have bubble bath all over your face. It gives a tingling/popping sensation which I couldn't decide whether I liked or not (I decided after I washed my face I liked it). You leave the mask on for 5 minutes until the foam dissolves into your face and then you rinse it off. It's AMAZING. I swear. I did a mini dance in my bathroom with how awesome my skin looked after I rinsed it off. And today, my skin is glowing and I have no more red bumps from the nasty San Diego water. Seriously. BUY THIS. And it would make a great Christmas gift for all you last minute shoppers (I'm not judging...I STILL have gifts to buy).

This mask has not only won my admiration, but it won InStyle's Best Beauty Buys for 2009 and 2010....and I ALWAYS listen to InStyle...except when they said jean on jean was back in style. But, I'll save the thought and rave about that in tomorrow's blog.


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  1. OMG! I got a shout out...THRICE!!!!!! I love this post and, since my face is losing the battle of the bumps here recently, I may need to purchase this over-priced facial cleanser. O and jean-on-jean? Bad. Just bad...