Saturday, January 8, 2011

"You're Cut Off!"...and no, I don't mean hearing this from a bartender.

This afternoon I have been watching the TV show, You're Cut Off on VH1. I saw the preview for this show and I originally thought it was something different- more of a intervention type show- than what it really is. Think of 10 over the top spoiled chicks who are used to having 3 BMWs, a personal servant/chef, spending $10k on clothes a week and NEVER cleaning a day in their life....while being label sluts....x 100. THAT is this show. Ok, ok I can't talk too much because I love my labels too....but this is seriously a joke. I mean, the girls do not even know what a coupon book from a grocery store is. Yes, maybe it's not their fault for being brought up like this...but seriously, its sad. The point of the show is to teach them to clean, to save money and to write resumes to find a job to support themselves. Seriously? I've had a resume since I was 20 and in college.

In one of the episodes they are forced to bargain shop to teach them that its OK to not spend $3,000.00 on an outfit. Some of them learned something, but some didn't and their catty words talking about cheap clothes made me want to throw my remote at the TV. They even have a weekly award for the VIP- Very Improved Princess. Please, ladies- you are all Princesses in my eyes whether you are wearing a real diamond or a $10 cubic zirconia knockoff.

Ladies, let me tell you is NOT about having the best of the best, but having confidence while wearing it. You can have a $50 outfit and make it look like a million bucks by adding some accessories to it. While shopping at places like TJ Maxx, Marshalls or running to red line sales is where I have found some of my favorite pieces that can be worn over and over again. Plus, WHY spend full price when you can find it cheaper? That extra money can go to a new lip gloss, eyeliner or martinis.

Let me give you a bargain shopping secret- find your nearest TJ Maxx/Marshalls and find out their shipment day. The shipment day is when they get all their new stuff and if you go this day, you can get all the new things while its still there. Growing up, my mom and I would go to TJ Maxx almost every Tuesday because we found out thats when all the new things came in. Next, sign up for your favorite stores emails so you can see when they are having mind blowing sales. Bloomies and I have a great relationship when it comes to sales. By singing up for emails, not only will you get updates of new apparel and sales, but you will get coupons too. I have definitely benefited from being on the Sephora, Nine West, Bloomies, Nordstrom, Banana Republic and Express mailing lists. Also if you are located near an outlet mall, sign up for their promotions and be ready for holiday weekends, when the prices really come down!


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