Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Now I'm going to put my EYELASHES on and stretch my legs out and do a show." -Nana Visitor

Fake eyelashes. Some of us swear by them and some of us are terrified of them. News Flash ladies: Fake eyelashes are NOTHING to be scared of! In fact, fake eyelashes can really complete your look. If you are dying for longer eyelashes and mascara isn't cutting it? Fakes. If you wish your eyelashes were fuller? Fakes. Have a costume that you need some crazy colored lashes for? Fakes. I'm not saying you need to wear them every day, but on special occasions they are nice to wear, especially if you are craving more dramatic looking lashes.

Now, you can buy fake eyelashes anywhere- drugstores, Sephora, etc. But the real trick to applying them is the glue. You NEED good glue for them to stay on all day/night and that withstand a freaking nuclear bomb so you aren't worried about them falling off the entire time you are wearing them. Many times you will see the standard eyelash glue in white/clear- that promises it dries clear. Second News Flash- it doesn't. If it is applied right it can, but lets face it we aren't perfect and applying these things are hard enough, so you need a little room for slip up if you add too much glue or have to re-apply the eyelash if its not centered the first time.

So what should you use instead? The dark glue, of course! When the dark glue has dried (takes about a minute), it looks like a perfect line of eyeliner above your lashes or blends in with the eyeliner you have already applied. I recently did makeup for a girlfriend's wedding (see video below!) and I used Duo Eyelash Adhesive, Dark Tone, Waterproof so that it would blend in well since most of them wanted smokey eye makeup and so they would last all night without falling off, even through tears.
(**Note: If you are going for a very natural look and only want the eyelashes to help enhance your lashes (no eyeliner, etc)- stick with the white/clear option).

You can find Duo Eyelash Adhesive, Dark Tone, Waterproof at Sephora for $8- or you can find it at drugstores or Target for around $6.

Fun fact: For really crazy fake eyelashes (costumes, New Years, etc), look at the lashes by Make Up For Ever at Sephora. They have all kinds of fun, eclectic options.


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