Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lashes Lashes Lashes

So I totally have an obsession with eyelashes/mascara...if you haven't noticed yet ;) But, a HUGE factor in having good eyelashes is curling them first. By curling them it gives them a flirty, catching look that mascara alone doesn't do. While mascara gives lashes thickness and length, an eyelash curler does exactly what it sounds like it does: curls your lashes.

Use an eyelash curler prior to putting on mascara- or else it will seriously clump and can cause your lashes to break! I know they may look like some sort of torture devise, but they are very easy to use. Just open, place over your lashes and pull together. I usually do it twice- once at the base of my lashes and once just on the tip of them.

The heated ones work two ways- either just like above, or you comb it through your lashes instead.

You can find eyelash curlers everywhere, but here are some favs:
shu uemura Eyelash Curler ($19) at Sephora

SEPHORA COLLECTION Professional Heated Lash Curler ($16)

Essence Of Beauty Instant Curl Heated Eyelash Curler ($5.99) at CVS


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