Monday, February 15, 2010

"My LIP GLOSS is poppin" -Lil Mama

Lip gloss- the one thing I have too much of in my makeup collection. I can't help it- lip gloss is a downfall of mine! I think lip gloss is better than lipstick- only because it adds shimmer and makes them look really pretty and eye catching.

Since lip gloss is not as dense as lipstick is in color, you should first line your lips with a lip pencil and fully color them in prior to applying the gloss. It should be a similar color to the gloss. For daytime, get a lip pencil in one shade lighter than the gloss and for night, use a lip pencil darker than the gloss for a more dramatic effect.

To make your lips look fuller you can find a gloss that has the "plump" in it, or you can take some shimmery eye shadow and apply it to the middle of your bottom lip after you have put on the gloss. It's a trick a lot of makeup artists do to make the illusion of fuller lips and it works! I use a very light gold since I mostly wear pinks. I also use a lip primer that plumps your lips to prepare them for gloss.

My fav's:
Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish by Bare Escentuals ($18). They have wonderful colors and the gloss lasts a very long time and is not thick. These are my favorite! Pair it with Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick. Apply the lip stick first to line the lips. I wear this combo almost every day! Find at Sephora.

MAC Tinted Lipglass ($14). The best color is Nymphette. ANYONE can wear this color- it is fantastic! It is a shimmery pink with gold undertones, which makes it work for all skin tones. When I wear Nymphette, I pair it with MAC Lipliner in Spice. You can find these at MAC stores or Nordstrom/Bloomingdales.

Benefit Lip Plump ($22). I wear this every single day before applying my lip color. It neutralizes your lip color and plumps them so when you put on the liner and gloss is gives them an extra oomph! You can find it in Sephora.

Random fact:
I got a big heart shaped box of Godiva Chocolates from my Dad yesterday. Inside the box is a little booklet that has a index of the chocolates. Now, I'm sure they all have this but I've never read them because let's face it- it's GODIVA chocolate- so they're all good. But, yesterday I decided to open it up and look at it. Not only does it have the chocolate index, but it has a little blurb about the Godiva Legacy- which I had never though of before, I just figured it was the owner's last name. Apparently, hundreds of years ago, there was a woman named Lady Godiva who was married to Lord Leofric, a ruler who was trying to tax the people in his city. Lady Godiva fought this and did not want him to raise the taxes. He challenged her to ride naked on a horse throughout the streets and if the people of the city remained, he would not charge the tax. She complied- and rode naked through the streets, but the people did not stay. Godiva Chocolates is named after Lady Godiva for her passion, style, sensuality and boldness.


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