Monday, February 22, 2010

"We wander for distraction, but we TRAVEL for fulfillment." -Hilaire Belloc

Today I had to fly- while I normally don't mind traveling, I hate crowded airports and hate being cramped on airplanes- and, since it was a Monday, I had to battle both. Below are some tips I always follow when flying:

1- Wear something comfortable! Wearing comfortable clothing will help make you more relaxed on the flight- wearing something uncomfortable is a HUGE no-no. I like to wear yoga pants/leggings/jeans, flats and some kind of flowly top. Also always bring a cardigan or scarf you can cover yourself with if you get cold.

2- Wear flats or sandals- something that is easy to get on/off since you have to take them off when you go through security. No one likes sneaker shoe girl holding up the security line because she has to completely unlace her shoes before going through the scanner.

3- Wear a watch. Even if you do not like to wear them- this way you can track how much time you have left on the flight and know if you are cutting it close to a connecting flight!

4-Carry all your cosmetics/makeup with you on the flight. Yes, you will have to put all your lip gloss/lotion/mascara in a 1 quart bag, but if your luggage gets lost and you won't get it for a day or two, you will still look good since you have your makeup with you. You can always find a place to find clothes to get you through until they bring your luggage. I NEVER check my makeup bag! Also, if you fall asleep during the flight you can check your eye makeup in a compact to be sure it didn't run while you were napping.

5-Bring your iPod fully charged! Listening to relaxing music- like The Fray or Coldplay (as long as you aren't going through a horrible break-up) helps calm you down and relax during the flight. IF you can splurge- the BOSE Noise Cancelling Headphones work wonders- esp if a cranky little kid is sitting near your seat!

Happy travels!


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