Friday, February 12, 2010

Black is the new....Black

At work today we had a Chili Cook-Off and in attempts to help out in the workforce (it was a voluntary event) I decided to make chili (gasp!) and even better, it turned out GOOD (even bigger gasp!). So- my point about this chili story is, it's photographed to be put on the work website for all to see- YIKES. Naturally I had to think of what to wear this morning getting dressed and I immediately thought- BLACK.

Black is by far the BEST color to wear if you are feeling a little sluggish- it hides everything and is VERY flattering on. Be it a black skirt, shirt, pants- anything, I guarantee you it will almost always look good. When you wear a light color or white, it shows all. Especially when taking pics, black is by far the best choice.

A few staple pieces in your wardrobe should include a black dress (ooh la la- the LBD), a black skirt, a black pair of pants and a classic black cardigan. You can wear these items with anything! Plus- they will always look good being photographed ;) Just one thing- if wearing a black shirt, wear a black bra- or else the flash on a camera will make the shirt look see-thru!

"Wear" to look for these pieces- Banana Republic, INC or Tahari at Bloomingdales- you can usually find these brands on sale. AND Banana Republic has an awesome outlet!!


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