Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Cinderella is proof that a pair of SHOES can change your life"

Shoes. Every girl loves them. They are the one thing that are reliable in fashion- because even if you may have gained a few lbs around the holidays (hello, we ARE human), you know they will ALWAYS fit ;)

The smart way to buying shoes, like all other things is figuring out if you really need it and what you need. When you go shoe shopping, have some kind of idea of what exactly you are looking for- be it flats, work shoes, party shoes, etc. If you are buying a shoe for a specific outfit or dress, at least know the color you want before going shopping. It can be overwhelming trying to decide on everything in the store, so this way you will be a little more prepared and know what to be looking for. TIP: If you don't know what shoe to wear with an outfit, do some reasearch (fashion mags, online) to see what the celebs are wearing to get a few ideas.

Shoes you need: every woman should own a pair of classic black pumps, a comfortable pair of flats, a versitale boot, a stunning party shoe, a pretty summer sandal, and a pair of rain boots/snow shoes. These, to me, are must-have's.

Classic black pumps (round or pointy toe)- you can wear pumps to work with any suit, dress, slack, skirt- you name it, it will look good. They will always be in style- just don't over do it on the heel. For the summer, buy a pair of black open-toed pumps.

A comfortable flat- flats are great to wear out instead of sneakers. I LIVE in flats on the weekend- they can be paired with anything and can even be worn to work. Just make sure they are comfortable- uncomfortable flats can be very painful! Black, red, animal print and silver/gold are great colors for flats.

A versitale boot- this can be worn day to night- be it an ankle or knee high. Don't opt for the pointy toed 4 inch stileto heel, because you can't wear that to work! Opt for a pointy/rounded toe with a 2-3 inch heel- and they should be either leather or suede. I wear my knee highs ALL THE TIME. They look great with skirts!

A stunning party shoe- invest in a party shoe that you can wear with numerous outfits. Great colors are hot pink (if you tend to wear a lot of black, like me), red, bright blue/green or metallics. Nine West, Steve Madden and Aldo always have gorgeous options.

A summer sandal- ok, as much as I love flip-flops, there are some sun dresses that need something a little fancier. Find a pair of flat sandals that you like- there are tons of options (ones with jewels, metallics, flowers, etc). I live in my Jack Rogers 'Navajo' Thong in the summer. Steve Madden and DV by Dolce Vita are also great.

Rain/Snow boot- it's pretty obvious...and when the snow or pouring rain hits, you'll be glad you have something that keep your feet dry!

The NO-NO's of shoe shopping:
1. So you find a gorgeous pair of shoes, try them on and can barely walk.....leave them. If you can't walk in them in the store or they already hurt you feet, think of a night of standing/dancing or the staircase you will have to walk down- slipping down a flight of stairs because you cannot handle your shoes is not attractive. Yes ladies, no matter how stunning they are or how much they are on sale (which is prob the reason they are on sale), do not waste your money. You will wear them once and then they will retire to you closet, where they will never be worn again because you will remember the pain they caused you. I had a pair of sky high red peep toes I just got rid of recently due to this.

2. NEVER buy shoes online. I just had an issue with this last week. Buy the shoes in person, this way you can try them on and check them to see if they have any damages.

Shopping hints:
Discount stores- T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Lowman's and DSW Shoe Warehouse- all of these stores have good brands of shoes like Nine West, Steve Madden, BCBG and more! I scored a gorgeous pair of peep-toe booties by MAXSTUDIO the other day for $50!

Designer store outlets- Filene's Basement, Nordstrom Rack, Neiman Marcus Last Call and Saks Off 5th- even though they are still a little pricey, you can find designer shoes for cheaper than their orignial cost!


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