Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wet is the new Dry

Today's tip is great and it doesn't cost a thing if you already have whats needed(even better!).

If you are looking for a surge of color from your eye shadows, try wetting the eyeshadow applicator with water before dipping it in the shadow and then apply to your lids. Especially if it is a shimmer eyeshadow, the color will POP on your eyes and give you a different look. I think it works best with Lorac and MAC Eye Pigment eye shadows. It is a GREAT trick for night time glam makeup ;)

If you do not have any eyeshadow applicators, you can usually find about 10 of them in a pack for around $2-3 at ULTA or Target.

Lorac eye shadows ($18) can be found at Sephora and MAC Eye Pigment (19.50) can be found at Nordstrom/Bloomie's/MAC stores. The MAC Eye Pigment is definitely a great investment- I use mine almost everyday and it still looks as full as it did when I bought it about a year ago. Since it is a colored powder and applies easily, a lot goes a long way.

Random Fact: Sephora is named after the Greek word for beauty “sephos” and the wife of Moses known for her elegance “Zipphora.”


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