Tuesday, February 9, 2010


SNOWMAGEDDON has been upon us since last Friday and it is only getting worse with a snow storm tonight.UGH. While you are stranded indoors, take some time to do some beautifying!

I haven't worn makeup since Sunday night- yes, as much as I love makeup I decided to "detox" my skin from products for awhile since I won't be going anywhere. Still wash your face in the morning/evening and apply tons of moisturizer, since there are frigid degrees outside. Sometimes its good to give your skin a break from makeup and what better time than now, while you are couped up indoors.

Give yourself a mani/pedi! Since you have loads of time on your hands- give yourself a detailed polish- do the full deal- cut, file, buff, treat cuticles, and polish.

Organize your makeup. Go through all of your beauty products/makeup and toss anything you have had longer than 6 months you haven't used. You may even find something you forgot you have! I did this the other day and I found some eyeshadow I had misplaced and a few sample perfumes (which are great for travelling!).

Clean your closet. Yes- I hate doing this too, but with nothing else to do it's not as bad as it normally is. Put any unwanted clothes or clothes you cannot remember the last time you wore in a pile and donate them to Goodwill/Salvation Army/Church for people who really need them. If you haven't worn a sweater in over a year...it's probably time to give it up. Doing this will make more space for all the pretty, colorful spring clothes that are waiting for us right around the corner ;).

Read up- reading makes you smarter. Even if you have a book you've read before, try re-reading it. You may pick something up you missed the first time.


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