Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Guess who's back? Back Again. DANI'S back. Tell a friend." -Eminem lyrics I obviously changed a little.

Ok, LADIES. Martini's and Makeup is back. After a little over 3 months of hiatius due to a bad breakup and a new, challenging job that was kicking my butt, I am BACK with avengance. I must admit I lost some inspiration during this time from a whole melting pot of emotions, but after a trip to NYC and seeing the studded shoes I have pictured to the right in person at the Christian Loubotin store in the MeatPacking District, I have again been inspired. Yes, a pair of fabulous $2,800.00 shoes INSPIRED me. Don't judge me.

The other day I went to Sephora (shocker, right?) to buy a new nail polish for the fall since I absolutely adore the OPI for Sephora nail polishes. Yes, the last "beauty obsession" I had in my previous blog is still current ;). I bought a deep purple since those are what are popular for the fall, got home, painted my nails, let them dry and went to bed. When I woke up the next morning, I turned my light on in the bathroom and almost screamed at how horrible the color looked on me (I'm not saying purples look bad on everyone, but it certainly doesn't look good on me!). Since I was already running late for work, I had no time to take off the polish and repaint them so I had to deal with looking at this hideous mess all day. Not to mention I didn't let them fully dry before going to bed so they did not dry with a nice shine.

After work, the gym and a catch up sesh with one of my BFF's, I HAD to repaint my nails. I reached for nail polish remover and cotton balls to realize I had run out of them! In an act of desperation I tore apart my cabinets trying to find a cotton ball substitute and almost resorted to using toliet paper, when I found some first aid gauze pads. Well, they definitely work and work well for that matter. After I removed the purple with the gauze pads and painted on a deep red (I need to stick with reds) I wanted to make sure they were fully dry before jumping into bed. Since I had run out of my quick-dry nail coat, I turned on my hair drier, set it on cool air and sat pointing the drier at my nails for 5 minutes until they were dry. I got the idea from a magazine but had yet to try it. So, morale of this beauty story- when you run out of cotton balls, you can use gauze pads and when you need to make sure your nails are dry, use your hair drier!


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