Monday, March 22, 2010

No 'Wrinkles in Time'

If you have read back to my first blogs, you have read about my freak out when I turned 25 last summer about starting to see the first signs of aging on my face. Oh the joys of being a woman!

Well, while I have fully embraced getting older and more fabulous with age (hey, with age comes more money!), I still am conscious of premature wrinkles or "expression lines." The places I see it most on my face are my eyes and my forehead- where I have found most women find their first signs of aging.

I have tried a few different creams to help ward off nasty wrinkles and recently have found the BEST anti-wrinkle eye cream: The Youth As We Know It Anti-Aging Eye Cream by Bliss($75). I have been using it only a little over a week and have started to see results. It's pretty much amazing. The crows feet I had started to see are GONE, yes- GONE!! While a little bit higher in price, so far it is definitely worth every penny. Find it online at ( or at Sephora stores. They also have a face moisturizer, The Youth As We Know It ($79), which I have also tried and it is great. Find it at or at Sephora also. If you need to choose one or the other since they are pricey, I recommend the eye cream. Just be sure to use some kind of moisturizer on your face daily. I still swear by Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 since my skin is sensitive.

Another thing that helps ward off wrinkles is to always wear sunglasses. They protect your eyes from crows feet and when wearing them, you don't squint which can help prevent forehead lines.


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