Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"When I die, they`ll probably auction off my false EYELASHES" -Bette Davis

Apparently, when Bette Davis passed away her fake eyelashes really were auctioned off and sold for $600!

I decided to write about mascara today because it is my FAVORITE makeup item and I just got a new one yesterday. I have tried TONS of mascaras- some great, some mediocre and some blah. I love mascara because it is one of the only things (other than concealer) that will instantly make your face look different.

While some people prefer brown mascara, I think everyone looks great in black. Its more intense so it opens your eyes and makes them sparkle. You can buy the drugstore brands of mascara- some of them work really well, however with those you will find they clump and flake more so than the designer brands will.

My FAV Mascara:
Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara ($22). I just got this yesterday and it still looks as amazing as it did when I applied it at 7am this morning- 12 1/2 hours later! It elongates the lashes and makes them really full. BUY THIS!!!!

Fresh Supernova Mascara ($25). I've blogged about this one before- it's one of my go-to products. It makes your eyelashes super long, full and dramatic- people have asked me if my eyelashes were fake while wearing this! WORTH the $25- buy at Sephora.

Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes ($28). The applicator is a small ball with bristles so it is good for the lashes in the inner corner of your eyes and bottom lashes. It even comes with a how-to "Stroke Guide" in the box!

Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara ($19). This is similar to the DiorShow mascara- works just as well and is cheaper. This fattens up your lashes and is supposed to look like you have false lashes on. Layer this on top of another mascara- it can clump on bare lashes.

Waterproof: MAC Splashproof Lash ($13). I swear by this at the beach/pool. It's hard to find a good waterproof mascara that looks good and stays put. This does both.

Maybelline Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara. It works and it makes your lashes long- but a big downside is it flakes, clumps and stings your eyes when you take it off. I use this as a last coat mascara- after I have applied another mascara, I finish my eyes off with just ONE coat of this. Anything more than one coat will clump and flake.

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mascara. It looks good and separates your eyelashes. If in a bind, I would buy this mascara in a drugstore.

Random fact: I thought of this today when browsing the Nordstrom website for sale items and I saw a horseshoe necklace. The lucky horseshoe should NEVER be worn with it's tips down and the arch up. Wear the horseshoe with the tips facing upwards so it catches the luck (a la picture below). Wearing the horseshoe with the tips down will cause the luck to fall off. Can you tell I'm superstitious? ;)

The CORRECT way to wear a horseshoe via Carrie Bradshaw:


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