Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Show Some Skin!

Today a friend at work was telling me about one of her beauty tricks and it reminded me of something I do as well, but never really considered it giving advice until I realized that she did it too!

When you take a shower, ALWAYS wash and condition your hair first. After you have washed your hair, then continue onto body wash and wash your face last. When you wash your hair last, the dirtiness you wash from it drips down your body and the shampoo/conditioner can leave unseen residue on your skin which can cause break-outs on your back. The same is true for your face- espically on your fore head.

After you shampoo/condition, rinse off and apply body wash with a loofah. The loofah will help scrub away dead skin cells and help polish your skin.

Lastly, wash your face in the shower with Cetaphil on a washcloth. Gently scrub your face in circular motions. Doing this will clean off any shampoo, conditioner or soap that may have gotten onto your face and avoid it from blocking your pores.

Some fav bodywashes:
Caress: Daily Silk- you can always find this in my shower! The smell is amazing and it lasts all day.

Neutrogena: Body Clear Body Wash- If you tend to break-out on your back/chest.

Victoria's Secret: Endless Romance Exhilarating Body Wash. Great scent and you can usually find them on sale in the store!

Loofah: you can find one at any drugstore. I saw some at Target the other day for $1.00!

Random fact:
RSVP is derived from the French saying, "répondez s'il vous plaît," which in translation means "please respond."

Moral of the random fact: Always RSVP, even if you cannot attend. I work in events, so when people don't RSVP I consider it very rude. It only takes 2 seconds to say you will attend/not attend and no one is "too busy" to do that. Especially for events where you will be eating- it is very hard to estimate how many pizza's to order if you have no head count! Always be sure to thank your friend for the invite. It will guarantee you are invited to the next event they host ;)


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