Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Look Honey! I've got a run in my pantyhose...but I'm not wearing pantyhose!" -Pretty Woman

Dreaded pantyhose. They run, they're expensive, hard to clean and uncomfortable. I have a theory that pants were created for women so they would never have to wear pantyhose. Ok, maybe not, but they really can be a pain in the a$$.

Personally I almost NEVER wear pants. I live in skirts and dresses. I think I picked this up from my mom, because I almost never saw her in pants, so I think it just stuck. Don't get me wrong, pants can look great on women, but lets face it: Women look amazing in dresses or a great skirt. They look soft and feminine and I've heard that in the workplace, men respond better to women when they are in a dress or skirt.

In the spring wearing a skirt is easy- you can wear open toe shoes and not worry about being cold. In the winter, this is a completely different story. You have to wear closed toe shoes and are freezing! This is where tights come in: they look lovely with skirts/dresses! And, believe it or not: they keep you just as warm as a thin pair of pants will!

If you are wearing a solid color, opt for a fun design in the tights! If you are wearing a patterned outfit, opt for a solid shade (black ALWAYS works).

The "how-to's" of panty hose:
1. NEVER buy the control top hose. They are the epitome of uncomfortable and will cause a "muffin top" line where they sit on your waist. Plus, I personally don't think they do too much except make you unable to breathe or sit!

2. Hose always run small. Buy a size larger than you would normally wear. I do this all the time and it works! This makes them more comfortable on your waist and ensures they will come up high enough.

3. When putting them on: do not use your nails to pull them on, use your finger tips instead. Using your nails can rip your hose- I've done it a trillion times.

4. AVOID colored tights- if they are a color of the rainbow- leave them for a Halloween outfit.

5. Do NOT wash the hose in the machine. Hand wash them only in the sink with some detergent and let them hang in your shower to dry.

6. If they have a run- just toss them. Yea, clear nail polish kinda works, but would you wear a pair of pants to work if they had a hole? Didn't think so.


HUE Tights: I have like 6 pair of black tights and a bunch with fun designs. They are good quality and last awhile. You can find them at most department stores- 2 for $20.00.

Calvin Klein pantyhose: They are a little delicate, but look really nice on and have some pretty designs. You can find them in any department store.

To be FIERCE: Buy a pair with a black seam running up the back of the leg. Ohh la la.


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